body parts in japanese

body parts in japanese it is relatively simple to learn and commit to memory as it requires absolutely no extra knowledge of the Japanese language.

For teaching purposes, I decided to divide the article on body parts into four sections. We'll talk about the more general parts first, and then we'll talk about the more specific parts of the body in Japanese, such as the face, fingers, and internal organs of the body.

As many users have asked me to give a little more focus on the japanese vocabulary, I'm going to try to do something interesting about the subject while posting articles with grammar and particle tips, as I've been doing. So today we'll learn the names and then we'll have another more practical article that will help you memorize each of the items on the lists below.

Japanese Body Parts - General Parts

body parts in japanese

Mouse over kanji (Japanese symbols) to see their pronunciation

体 – Body
頭 – Head 
髪の毛 – Hair
顔 – Face, face
首 – Neck, throat
のど – Throat
肩 – Shoulders
胸 – Chest, breasts, chest
腕 – arms 
お腹 – Belly, stomach
背中 – Back
ひじ – Elbows
へそ – Navel
手 – Hands
お尻 – Butt, Butt
足 – Legs, feet
ひざ – Knees

Once we've learned the basic and general terms about body parts in Japanese, we can move on and learn more about other parts.

Japanese body parts – face

Japanese body parts - faceBelow is a list with the parts of the face in Japanese, following the same pattern as the previous item.

額 – Forehead, front of head
汗 – Sweating, sweating
目 – eyes
鼻 – Nose
口ひげ – Mustache
ひげ – Beard
あご – Chin
舌 – Tongue
歯 – Tooth
口 – Mouth
ほお – Cheek
耳 – Ear
まつげ – Eyelashes
眉毛 – Eyebrows

Japanese Body Parts – Hands

One more word list with body parts in Japanese, but this time with hand parts.

手首 – Pulse
手の平 – Palm of the hand
指先 – Fingertips
指 – Fingers
爪 – Nails
小指 – Little finger, pinky
薬指 – Ring finger, fourth finger
中指 – Middle finger, middle finger
人差し指 – index finger
親指 – Thumb

Japanese Body Parts – The Inside

Well… as no one wants to study medicine here at Japanese language, I'm going to add feathers to the basic body parts in Japanese. At the very least, let us know the names of Organs internal organs most used in our daily lives.

頭脳 – Mind, brain
心臓 – Heart
血管 – Vein, artery
肺臓 – Lung
肝臓 – Liver
腎臓 – Kidneys
胃 – Stomach
腸 – Intestines
生殖器官 – Reproductive organs

Phrases with body parts in Japanese

After getting to know the body parts in Japanese, it's time for the practical part, knowing the most common use in Japanese phrases. This includes knowledge of a key phrase, which can be used with various words and expressions, along with Japanese body parts.

It hurts?


One of the most used, and easiest-to-learn phrase patterns in all languages is the pattern for telling where in your body it hurts.

Now that we know the names of different body parts in Japanese, just follow the sentence pattern. x が痛いです and replace the x by one of the body parts in Japanese that we learned. See just the examples below:




Japanese Body Parts – Youtube Videos

Looking for videos in Japanese on Youtube, I found an interesting video where the mother asks her son to show some parts of his body.

Kanji calligraphy exercise

Below are the Japanese ideographic symbols used in this article. Selecting the desired kanji, copy and paste them into Worksheet for Kana and Kanji Practice , a new window will open where you can view the printable file and practice Japanese calligraphy by covering the gray symbols and then trying to write yourself. Just print and practice.