Free Japanese Course - Study Guide

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Free Japanese Course - Study Guide

This page serves as a study guide for the Japanese Language Free Japanese Course, where anyone interested can learn Japanese online for free. The objective is to gather as much knowledge about the Japanese language, structuring all the content in an organized, intuitive and easy-to-understand way for everyone.

Free Japanese Course - Study Guide

Do not consider any of the Japanese language courses or Japanese language study guides to be completed.

As you study and learn more, new pages will be created and added to the study guides, assuming the most appropriate positions.

Therefore, this small guide, which is intended to function as a Japanese course, will tend to grow continuously, always starting from the most basic topics to the most advanced ones.

If you find something incorrect or wrong, please contact me and let me know. As it takes a lot of effort to create original and quality content in a short time, some problems can happen.

Before starting the Japanese course

Before starting the Japanese course, make sure you already know the Japanese alphabet hiragana and katakana. Knowing these two alphabets, learning real Japanese will become a much easier task.

If you don't already know these two Japanese alphabets, I suggest you use the Japanese alphabet study guide to learn them. And if you have any questions about it, don't hesitate to get in touch. Right?

Despite the recommendation, nothing prevents you from continuing, but I must warn you that all texts and examples on this site are written in hiragana, katakana and kanji (the Japanese characters).

Check if you already have Japanese support

One of the most fundamental things for anyone studying Japanese online is installing the Japanese letters or have Windows Japanese support installed on your computer. There are two quick tutorials on Japanese Language that can help you with this task.

If you already have windows japanese support, you don't need to install japanese letters. But if not, I suggest reading the articles below.

For various reasons, many Japanese readers and students are unable to install Japanese support for windows (windows IME). With that in mind, I decided to make available in this study guide the best tools to write in Japanese on the computer.

They are text editors similar to Microsoft Word, where you can write in Japanese even if you don't have Windows IME (windows Japanese support) installed on your computer. Below is a list of these tools:

How about taking a look at the intro articles?

The list of articles below serve as an introduction to the Japanese language, sharing my knowledge of some curious facts and warning you about everything you should know before starting your Japanese course.

Free Japanese Course Study Guide

Below is the list of articles organized for a better use of the studied subjects.

Over time, I intend to improve the articles in order to pass on more knowledge about these subjects, in addition to adding new articles as needed.

Supplementary articles for learning Japanese

A few more useful articles that can help you on this journey of how to learn japanese much more efficiently:

I hope that you enjoyed!