Relating nouns in Japanese

The most common ways to express the relationship between two or more nouns in japanese, is using the particle  between them.

Relating nouns in Japanese

the particle , normally indicates three basic ideas: ownership, origin and specialization. It indicates possession when the noun is related to another noun. In these cases, the particle  can be translated as “from” or “with”.




When the noun before the  is a place, this particle may be indicating the origin of the noun after the .


Finally, said particle may use a second noun to describe a feature of the first. Watch:



Kanji calligraphy exercise

Below are the Japanese ideographic symbols used in this article. Selecting the desired kanji, copy and paste them into Worksheet for Kana and Kanji Practice , a new window will open where you can view the printable file and practice Japanese calligraphy by covering the gray symbols and then trying to write yourself. Just print and practice.