5 profiles for Learning Japanese on Tiktok

learn japanese on tiktok

Want to learn Japanese on Tiktok? Meet 5 profiles to follow! There's nothing better than combining business with pleasure while spending time on social networks watching videos and learning something, for example, about languages, isn't it? Of course you won't become fluent just by watching videos on Tiktok, but…

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Marugoto: Download the books for free!


Download Marugoto books for free now and learn how to download books from Google books too! If you are just starting out or want to use a reliable source to learn Japanese, the Japan Foundation has made your book available for free download. Accessing the Japan Foundation website you will find many materials such as …

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Kenji Sensei Academy 2.0: Japanese Course

Kenji Sensei Academy 2.0 - Online Japanese Course with Anime and Manga

Learn Japanese with the very best of Japanese culture with the kenji Sensei Academy in its 2.0 version! Nothing better than learning while having fun, isn't it? I believe this is one of the best methods of studying a language. Have you ever stopped to think that we can too …

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Preply: Hire Private Language Lessons

Preply Japanese Lessons

With preply you can search for and hire private lessons in Japanese or several other languages available on the site. Those who have already started to study Japanese in most cases are satisfied studying alone or together with another person/student without having to resort to a teacher. On the other hand, there are those who …

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Breaking up songs – Butter-Fly – Digimon – Kouji Wada

Butter-Fly - Digimon - Kouji Wada

Hello! This is Kevin from Suki Desu writing an article in conjunction with the How to Learn Japanese website, in today's article we are going to learn Japanese with songs. We chose a classic and nostalgic song, which got a new version in 2015, let's break up the song Butter-Fly the famous Digimon opening made by Kouji Wada. Tribute done …

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