Breaking up songs – Butter-Fly – Digimon – Kouji Wada

Hello! This is Kevin from Suki Desu writing an article together with website How to Learn Japanese, in today's article we are going to learn Japanese with songs.

We chose a classic and nostalgic song, which got a new version in 2015, let's break the song down Butter-Fly the famous opening of Digimon made by Kouji Wada.

Homage to Kouji Wada the singer of this beautiful song who passed away in 2016 TT

 We also created an article on Suki Desu breaking down the song Brave Heart, a classic, the song of Digimon's digievolutions. To access the article Click here. 

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今すぐ キミに会いに行こう 余計な事なんて 忘れた方がマシさ

何が WOW WOW~ この空に届くのだろう
だけど WOW WOW~ 明日の予定もわからない

きっと飛べるさ On My Love


何が WOW WOW~ この街に響くのだろう
だけど WOW WOW~ 期待してても仕方ない

きっと飛べるさ On My Love

きっと飛べるさ Oh Yeah~

きっと飛べるさOn My Love~

tearing apart the music

Gokigen'na chō ni natte kirameku kazeninotte
I will become a happy butterfly riding on the resplendent wind

  • ゴキゲン – gokigen – humor; happy; welfare
  • 蝶 - Chou - butterfly
  • になって – ninatte – become
  • 煌く – kirameku – resplendent; bright
  • 風 - kaze - wind
  • 乗って – notte – take; to board; log in; to assemble

今すぐ キミに会いに行こう 余計な事なんて 忘れた方がマシさ
Ima sugu kimi ni ai ni yukou yokei na koto nante wasureta hou ga mashi sa
I'll come see you soon better forget about unnecessary things

  • 今すぐ – ima sugu – right now; at once; immediately
  • キミに会い – kimi ni ai – see you; find you
  • 行こう - yukou - let's go
  • 余計 – yokei – unnecessary
  • 事 - koto - things
  • なんて – nante – question things; like! what!
  • 忘れた - wasureta - forget
  • 方 - hou - indicator
  • マシさ – mashisa – better; less objectionable; preferable

Kore ijou shareteru jikan wa nai
no more time to play

  • これ – kore – this; it is
  • 以上 – beyond; further;
  • シャレ – share – joke; pun; grace; Just kidding
  • 時間 – jikan – time
  • ない – nai – no; There is not

何が WOW WOW~ この空に届くのだろう
Nani ga wow wow~ kono sora ni todoku no darou
What do you mean wow~ i wonder if we'll make it to heaven

  • 何が – naniga – what is it? ; what you mean?
  • この – kono – this; in this; The
  • 空 - sora - sky
  • 届く – todoku – reach; to arrive
  • だろう - dau - will be

だけど WOW WOW~ 期待してても仕方ない
Dakedo wow wow~ kitai shitetemo shikata nai
But wow wow~ not worth anticipating

  • だけど - dakedo - but
  • 期待して – kitaishite – in hope, expectation
  • ても - I'm afraid - although, really, but
  • 仕方 - shikata - path
  • 仕方ない – shikatanai – can't be helped, inevitable, not worth it

Mugendai na yume no act no nanimo nai yo no naka ja
After an endless dream in this world of nothingness

  • 無限大 – mugendai – endless, infinite
  • 夢 - yume - dream
  • あとの – act on – after
  • 何もない - nanimonai - nothing, there is nothing
  • 世の中 – yononaka – world, in the world, in this world

I am sa itoshii omoi mo makesou ni naru kedo
Looks like our beloved dreams are going to be lost

  • そうさ – sousa – like that, it seems
  • 愛しい – itoshii – beloved, dear
  • 想い - omoi - thoughts, dreams
  • 負けそう - makesou - prone to lose, will lose

Stay しがちなイメージだらけの 頼りない翼でも きっと飛べるさ On My Love
…shigachi na imeeji darake no tayorinai tsubasa demo kitto toberu…
Covered with images that tend to fade even with these strange wings I'm sure we can fly over my love

  • しがち – shigachi – tend to
  • イメージ - imeeji - image
  • だらけ – darake – implying, covered
  • 頼りない – tayorinai – unreliable, vague, weird
  • 翼 - tsubasa - wing, wings
  • でも - demo - really, but although
  • きっと – kitto – sure, no doubt
  • 飛べる - toberu - fly

ウカレタ蝶になって 一途な風に乗って どこまでも キミに会いに行こう
Ukareta chou ni natte Ichizu na kaze ni notte doko mademo kimi ni ai ni yukou
I will become a merry butterfly and ride on serious wind and I will see you wherever you are

  • ウカレタ – ukareta – make happy, happy, celebrate
  • 蝶 - Chou - butterfly
  • になって – ninatte – turn, turn
  • 一途 – ichizu – firmly, whole heartedly, seriously
  • どこまでも – dokomademo – wherever you are

曖昧な言葉って 意外に便利だって 叫んでる ヒットソング聴きながら
Aimai na kotoba tte igai ni benri datte sakenderu hitto songu kikinagara
Ambiguous words are incredibly useful, I'll shout them out while listening to a hit hit

  • 曖昧 - amai - ambiguous
  • 言葉って - kotobatte - words
  • 意外 – igai – amazing, incredibly
  • 便利 – benri – convenient, useful
  • 叫んでる – sakenderu – scream, screaming
  • ヒットソング – hitosongu – hit song
  • 聴きながら – kikinagara – while listening

From here the choruses start repeating with little differences, let's just examine the different words from the rest of the song.

  • この街に – kono machi ni – in this city, in the city
  • 響く – hibiku – resound
  • 常識 – joushiki – common sense, common sense

Well, sorry if we didn't repeat the lyrics, or translation, the purpose of this part is to highlight just the meaning of each word in the song and we've already done that. If you want to see the entire translation or romaji, you can access this link. I hope you enjoyed the article.

We created an article on Suki Desu breaking down the song Brave Heart, a classic, the song of Digimon's digievolutions. To access the article Click here. Or see others breaking down songs clicking here.