5 Sites to Download Audio of Japanese Phrases

Look 5 sites to download audios of Japanese phrases!

There are a multitude of websites where you can put the phrase you want in Japanese and in addition to hearing it in the voice of a native speaker of the language, you can download the mp3 file.

Below I will indicate sites where you can download audios of the phrases you chose:

1.Sound of Text

Choose a phrase you want and put it in the box (below text) and then choose the voice/language that will be pronounced in voice, then click on the button submit to generate the mp3 file.

Sound of Text
Sound of Text

On the following sites it is practically the same procedure.

2.Voice of Text

When adding the phrase/word it actually generates a direct link to Google Translate where we can download the audio.

Voice as Text - TTS
Voice as Text – TTS


Put the sentence in Japanese, as shown in the image below, and then click read you can listen to it or download it at Download the MP3.

TTS mp3
TTS mp3

4.Download manually from Google Translate

If you choose to do it "manually" only changing some parts of the URL that is generated in Google translator, do the following:

Example sentence in the link below:


O already is the language (en is English) and the 日本に行きます。 is the phrase that was added.

You may also be interested in download the audios of the sentences that we put in google translator or even for those who study for the anki add audio automatically.

Now it will be a little different, you will have phrases ready to listen or download the audio from the website that will be indicated below.

5.NHK World – Japan – Learn Japanese

At the NHK Japanese course you can also find an area to download all 48 lessons in audio (mp3) and text (PDF), that is, lots of phrases for language study.

NHK World - Japan - Learn Japanese
NHK World – Japan – Learn Japanese

Download audio lessons in Portuguese or download english audios of lessons

phrases in japanese

The first 4 sites listed did not have ready-made phrases and it can be difficult for those who are just beginning to study Japanese to find any.

For those who want some example sentences I will indicate some sites for you to choose from.

Tatoeba. Collaborative site that has dozens of Japanese phrases and a few have audio, example here.

Marugoto. famous Japanese book/course offers dozens of ready-made phrases plus audios on official site

Nemo. An application for IOS and Android that offers on the website 100 example Japanese phrases/words.

Skdesu. This site also offers 150 random Japanese phrases for you to study.

They exist many books which also offer dozens/hundreds of Japanese phrases for you to learn.

Another tip is if you are looking for a Japanese tutor or teacher can find in Preply website.

I hope it helped to have more audios for the phrases you are studying. Do not forget share this article with your friends!