Download audio from google translator

One of the tools that can help you learn the pronunciation of any word/sentence you want is without a doubt Google translator. With it you can listen, translate and also speak into the microphone to test if your pronunciation is correct.

It is evident that the translation is not the best, but it certainly helps for those starting out.

Google translator

Download audio from Google translator

For those who always wanted to download the audio that is pronounced in Google translator and put it on your smartphone/Mp3 or even on Anki, you can learn how easy it is in the video below:

With the website sound of text you download the audio/sentence you want and in Google translator you can do the following, as explained in the video above.


Choose the word you want and type/copy the URL below into your browser's address bar:今、何をしていますか?&tl=already&total=1&idx=0&textlen=15&tk=350535.255567&client=webapp&prev=input

Where it is written already ,in bold, is the language that will be pronounced, for example en is English and pt is Portuguese, just substitute the desired language.

In 今、何をしていますか?,in red, you enter the phrase or word you want and then press the enter button on the keyboard to listen and check if everything is correct.then click the right mouse button and click save as and an mp3 file will be generated to download to your pc.

Example sentences were taken from PJO course

Adding audio to your Anki cards

I believe that most people who decided to study and learn a new language realized that Anki is a powerful tool/application that helps to efficiently memorize what we are studying.

he uses the spaced repetition system as we saw a brief presentation in this article, and has several options to edit your Cards, ranging from bold, italics to adding images and audio in the answers to the sentences or words we want to memorize.

There's not much secret to using Anki and to see how easy it is to add audio to your cards, for example, watch the video below to learn:

As you already learned how to download audio from google translator, it is now easy to put audio in all the cards in your deck.

Good studies!