Google Input Tools

One of the many ways to help and retain what we've learned is, of course, to write in the language we are studying, whether on paper or on a computer.

I've already given this tip in a post I wrote here on the blog about writing on Windows in Japanese, but we have a more practical way for those who use the chrome browser as default on their PC, Mac, etc.

with the excellent Google input tools you'll have the facility to write in dozens of languages, whether using the extension for the chrome browser, virtual keyboard, Gmail, google drive, etc.

Google Input Tools

For those who have started to venture into learning a new language, you may notice that certain words and expressions are difficult to have a proper translation into Portuguese or any other language.

An example would be the Japanese word Itadakimasu/It's what the Japanese say before meals, but if we try to translate it into Portuguese, it's a bit complicated, because it's an expression.

It is often simpler to describe something with a simple word or expression in the source language than to try to translate, let's go to another small example:

We have the English word workaholic which means a person who is addicted to work, who lives only for work, etc. So, it is much easier for us to say this word to describe a person who fits this characteristic than to translate it into our native language.

The video below, presentation of the google input tools, describes this unique feature that all languages have:

google input tools extension for chrome

Now let's just focus on the extension for chrome that with a simple click you can change the language and can type right away in the chosen language. See the video below to better understand:

For install this extension click here. Installation is as simple as any other extension/plug-in.

As explained in the video, once installed, you can type in the language you want on any website, as long as you are using chrome, whether in a comment on facebook, websites, blogs, google plus, twitter, etc.

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