write in japanese on windows

We've already shown a little about how to learn japanese language and its alphabet, but it wouldn't be good to start write in japanese on windows?

Contrary to what many people think, it's very simple to configure so that you switch between the keyboard in Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese.

Below, watch the video that explains in detail how to configure your keyboard so that you can write in Japanese.

If you want to check from other versions of Windows access this link from the Microsoft website.

Realize that in order to write in nihongo you must type the syllable corresponding to the Japanese character on the keyboard.

Some shortcuts I use and it is indicated in the video, sometimes the shortcut is different but it works the same way, let's indicate the ones I use:

  • ALT+SHIFT changes the language from Brazilian Portuguese to Japanese or vice versa.
  • ALT+ CAPS LOCK changes to Hiragana or Katakana, as the romanized way of writing is initially selected.
  • ALT+ 'toggles between romaji and hiragana or romaji and katakana.
  • The SPACE key converts the word or character written in Hiragana to kanji or if the word is written in katakana it will also convert.

Sometimes, due to Windows bug, you won't be able to switch using the shortcuts or even the mouse itself. Wait a while and it will return to normal.

Another “problem” is that your keyboard configuration may be different from the default, which is most used by everyone, and to fix it, just follow a few steps:

Get in on Control panel and then click on Changing Keyboards or Other Input Methods, in the video indicated above explains how to do this, another window will open in the tab Keyboards and Languages Click on the button Change keyboard…

japanese windows keyboardjapanese windows keyboard 2

On the next screen select Microsoft IME and then click on properties as shown in the image below.

japanese windows 3 keyboard

On the next screen, within the Dictionary/Autoruning tab, select the option Romaji Input if it is not selected, then confirm this change by clicking on OK in all windows that have been opened.

japanese windows keyboard 4

Usually when your Japanese keyboard is misconfigured the option Kana Input , last window indicated, is selected, switching to the Romaji Input will already solve this problem.

Now you typing KA will be written か in hiragana or カ in katakana and so on.

See you later!