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! Are you looking for an efficient method that teaches you from ZERO to have a level of fluency that can consume content entirely in Japanese?

The method created by Luiz Rafael has gone through many updates and has been on the market for years and is currently (2021) one of the best and most complete online Japanese courses.

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the japanese language
Who is Luiz Rafael?
Japanese Online Program
Japanese Online Program Student Testimonial
Japanese Intensive
How does the opening of vacancies work?

If you like Japanese culture because of anime, Tokusatsu, manga, movies this is a good reason to start watching them without subtitles.

It doesn't necessarily have to be these, but traveling, living, studying in Japan is also an excellent reason to want to learn the Japanese language.

No matter what it is, if you've decided to learn the Japanese language, this course can help you achieve that goal.

the japanese language

learn japanese it doesn't have to be as difficult as many, even myself, imagine. Knowing the right way to study makes it much easier for you to learn.

Evidently that the Japanese language it is not the same as if we were going to learn English, because in the English language we are already familiar with the words, not to mention that we use many in our daily lives, and with many pronunciations.

In Japanese, we definitely have to start from scratch to reach the fluency we dreamed of. What “complicates” even for beginners is the Japanese alphabet/ideogram, which are three:

  • Hiragana with 46 ideograms.
  • Katakana with 46 ideograms.
  • Kanji that has thousands of ideograms, but the most used are approximately 2500 kanji.

We also have the romaji that helps us read and pronounce the characters correctly and the furigana that is usually written in hiragana and is on top of the kanji describing how it is pronounced.

It doesn't have to be that complicated to learn nihongo, like the Sensei Luiz Rafael says we need to do a lot of input, that is, everything we get is reading, listening.

Who is 先生 Luiz Rafael?

Luiz Rafael creator of the Japanese Online Program
Luiz Rafael creator of the Japanese Online Program

Luiz was one of the thousands of people who, as a teenager, began to arouse interest in Japanese culture, whether manga, anime or movies, and decided that he would learn Japanese.

Like the vast majority, it started in the wrong way, believing that fluency would come, but it did not obtain satisfactory results by attending on-site courses.

It was then that he looked for a right way to learn a new language, and put it into practice to see if it really worked.

The amazing thing is that he was successful with this method and reached his goal of speaking fluent Japanese.

Japanese Online Program

Thinking about this need and the frustration of thousands of people who want to learn nihongo, Sensei resolved create an online Japanese language course so you can learn much more efficiently.

The method developed by Sensei Luiz Rafael is extremely efficient. One of the pillars is that you first need to learn to read to start doing a lot of input. By learning hiragana and katakana you can already start reading mangas, books, websites.

In addition to Sensei's teaching mode being very good than most, you will get excellent support. He doesn't let you get discouraged, he will always send you news, stories, motivations so that you don't stop studying to reach your goal.

The course is not focused on grammar, you learn at your own pace on a closed site just for students and a community on the portal.

Testimonial: Japanese Online Program Student

Below you will see the sincere testimony of Luís Eduardo Nunes about the course and the importance of taking studies seriously plus Luiz's method, which is more than a Japanese course and the most efficient way to study a language, watch:

Testimony Eduardo Nunes – Japanese Online Program

as expected the Japanese online program has limited places so that Sensei can give due attention to everyone and solve their doubts.

Japanese Intensive

Every year about twice (or more) Luiz Rafael holds the event called Japanese intensive in which, through a free mini-course, it presents its methodology so that you can learn Japanese more easily and efficiently.

So far there have been some Japanese language intensives, just to find out about the next one click here!

Remembering that this event happens only a few times a year and it may be that depending on when you are reading this article it has already ended.

Japanese Intensive Japanese Online Program
Japanese Intensive Japanese Online Program

No more searching the internet for how to learn Japanese, with the Japanese Online Program you'll have a closed members-only site with video lessons, handouts, audios and much more!

You will receive a series of free videos telling the story and method used by せんせい Luiz Rafael and his journey to achieve fluency in Nihongo.

How does the opening of vacancies in the Japanese Online Program work?

If you followed the NIHONGO week, which usually lasts 1 week or more, you will be shown how Luiz teaches with his methodology and also how the support will work.

The course lasts for 9 months, but you get another 9 months, totaling 18 months of access to the course, plus full support to clear up all your doubts with the team.

The program also has a seat limit so that it is possible to provide excellent quality support for each student.

Remembering that vacancies usually finish in 2 days and are also open for a maximum of 3 days, but vacancies are sold out before the last day.

If you are interested in learning Japanese with the best methodology in Brazil, click on the button below: