3 apps to learn japanese

we have already indicated 5 websites to start learning and improving your Japanese, but for those who are always connected with their Smartphone and tablet, we are going to list 3 applications to help you learn, among them the anki.


You test your knowledge and also try to write the Japanese alphabet. You learn kanji, hiragana, katakana and grammar if you want to.

human japanese

Despite being all in English, it can help you with pronunciation and learn hiragana, katakana and increase your vocabulary.

The video below describes in more detail the two applications that were nominated.


I couldn't leave out one of the most powerful apps, which is available for practically all platforms, that can help you memorize all the words, sentences or anything you want.

You can put from images, audios, video and much more! All this to memorize efficiently. Anki is based on spaced repeat system, similar to flashcards, in which you will memorize and never forget.

The app itself automatically shows only the cards you need to review. To download the PC version, go to ankiweb.

To add a card or create a deck is very simple, as we can see in the images below:

anki 1Anki 2


You add whatever you want to memorize, be it a sentence, word, kanji whatever you want


Here is the answer, translation, pronunciation of what you chose to memorize.

How not to lose your cards, Anki decks?

Many things can happen when we are using the app, whether on any platform, that can generate headaches. To prevent you from losing your decks of cards, it is advisable to back them up.

Go in File>> Export and a file will be generated with all the cards and decks created by yourself.

To restore the backup just go to Files>>Import.

Another more practical way is to create an account on ankiweb.net and sync everywhere you use the application. In the images below you can see where to add your account created in anki for Desktop/PC

Anki sync 1 Anki sync 2

When reviewing or making a change, don't forget to sync, an internet connection is required, to avoid missing something. Everything will be stored in ankiweb.

I hope you enjoyed the tips!