Free Nihongo Course at NHK World Online

One more source of studies for you with free nihongo course at NHK World Online!

Online nihongo courses are hard to find. In most cases they are basic courses and only involve an initial vocabulary. Anyway, for those who are starting to learn japanese, courses like these are of great help.

Free Nihongo Course at NHK World Online

They show an overview of the language and serve as a starting point for anyone looking to learn Japanese.

This was the tip of our friend and reader Satie, who sent me the tip for the NHK free nihongo course. It's a very interesting course and really worth checking out.

Free Nihongo Course at NHK World Online

What is NHK?

NHK is a broadcast television and radio station in Japan. NHK World provides news and information from Japan and the world in 18 different languages. I already knew NHK from some TV shows, but I still didn't know the NHK World website well.

As it provides audio and video about Japan and the World, it can be used to learn japanese by listening to japanese natives on radio and television programs. It is really worth checking out the NHK website in Portuguese, Japanese, English and many other languages.

NHK Japanese audio and video

What's interesting about this free nihongo course

  • Free nihongo course in Portuguese: I believe that, for us Brazilians and Portuguese, a nihongo course in Portuguese is a great incentive to study. In most cases, I always find nihongo courses in English, but NHK's is an exception because it has a very good version in Portuguese.
  • Leo nihongo course in Japan: Imagine reading the story of a person who travels to Japan and goes through many everyday situations, situations that most likely you will too. Now, add to that Japanese language tips, grammar notions, and audio-visual resources. This course has a baggage of 100 expressions of everyday Japanese very well worked on in the course.
  • Fun Nihongo Course: THE fun nihongo course has a lot of interesting expressions and words to form a basic Japanese vocabulary. It is also very good for those who are starting to learn Japanese or who do not have a very good vocabulary.
  • Common questions: I don't know why I never thought of that before. But in the Frequently Asked Questions section, you will be able to answer those common questions that get in the way of many people.
  • Download handouts and audios: Another very good thing that the NHK Nihongo Course has a booklet with all the lessons of the course and it is also possible to download the audio of all the lessons to listen to your MP3 or MP4 phone.


The NHK website was one of the best websites I found about Japanese language and culture. He has a lot of interesting information about the Japanese world and its particularities, always with great quality and professionalism.

Click here to visit the NHK nihongo course.

Click here to visit the NHK World website.

I hope you also appreciate this valuable tip from the Satie like me.

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