5 profiles for Learning Japanese on Tiktok

Would you like learn japanese on tiktok? Meet 5 profiles to follow!

There's nothing better than combining business with pleasure while spending time on social networks watching videos and learning something, for example, about languages, isn't it?

Of course, you won't become fluent just by watching videos on Tiktok, but at the very least you'll have material tips, pronunciation and bonus trivia about Japan and its culture.

It was with this in mind that I decided to list 5 profiles on Tiktok to learn Japanese, check it out below!

What is Tiktok? 

Before starting the nominations whether you are new or not familiar with Tiktok, I'll summarize a little bit about the company below.

Created in China, and named Douyin, in 2016 by the company ByteDance had its name changed after the purchase of the musical application ly, created in 2014, to what we know today.

The application works simply, you can create short videos of 15 to 60 seconds, edit the video, add music, participate in challenges and much more. No wonder it has more than 1.5 billion registered users.

How to create a Tiktok account

For create your account access this link and download the app, available for Android or IOS and follow the following steps.

  1. In the lower right corner click on Profile
  2. Then click on the Create Account button.
  3. Choose to create your account with email, your phone number, Facebook, Google or Twitter account.
  4. If you choose to create by email or phone you will receive a code via SMS or in your email.

If you don't have one Invitation Code from Tiktok, you can use mine which is J3747746 .

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Now let's go to TikTokers profile tips to learn Japanese language!


In this profile you will follow the daily life of Débora H. Kobayashi as a teacher and her journey in learning the Japanese language.

In addition to having tips, you will see fun facts about nihongo.


Japanese school that also brings language tips with sensei Takashi Yamanishi. There are dozens of videos about the language.


Who agrees that we could love these habits too?

♬ original sound – 123 Japanese


Here on Akemi Inoue's profile you will see Japanese language tips, makeup, Japanese/Asian food trivia and much more.


In addition to tips and fun facts about the Japanese language, you will see many anime and manga videos.


Bai sensei presents many videos with tips focused on the Japanese language, being a good source of reference for those who are learning Japanese.

These were the 5 profiles for you who are starting to venture into nihongo. We recently created a profile of how to learn japanese if you want to follow.

For those who want tips for profiles that do not speak Portuguese, you can see some in this gogonihon article.

Do you have an indication of any profile that you follow on Tiktok? Leave a comment sharing your tip!