Kenji Sensei Club: Japanese Course

Learn Japanese with the very best of Japanese culture with kenji Sensei Club!

Nothing better than learning while having fun, right? I believe that this is one of the best methods to study a language.

Course Available only in Brazilian Portuguese!

Have you ever stopped to think that we can also learn Japanese using whatever else we like in japanese culture?

Have you ever tried to learn Japanese and encountered obstacles such as price, available schools in your city and many other factors?

Kenji has a story of when he went to Japan as a child to study and be literate in a Japanese school.

After struggling to learn real everyday Japanese he recently founded Kenji Sensei Club.

Another online Japanese course?

Amidst dozens of Japanese language courses, you would be suspicious if you are not more of the same ones that promise your fluency in a short time, right?

I can tell you not for some obvious reasons:

  • Course EXTREMELY accessible
  • He doesn't promise you'll be fluent in no time.
  • Uses a different method from traditional schools (Effective Method)
  • Works for anyone regardless of age.

These are some of the reasons that make the kenji Sensei Club course a success among its more than 15,000 students!

What is Kenji Sensei Club?

It is an online Japanese course that uses your favorite animes, mangas to learn the Japanese language in video classes that Sensei Kenji explains in a didactic and very clear way.

The course content has over 150 lessons, so far, you will learn your first phrases from popular anime such as Naruto, Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer), Boku no Hero, Yugi-oh, Fairy Tail, Shaman King, Death Note and many more!

Who is Kenji Yokoyama?

Kenji Yokoyama is the course creator, the son of a Japanese father and a Brazilian mother, he went to Japan as a little boy without knowing anything about the language.

Kenji Sensei
Kenji Sensei

Because of working with his parents, he had to live in this country so different from Brazil.

He had a lot of difficulty adapting because of not knowing the Japanese language.

But when he met Kenzo Sensei his story changed for the better, as he started to learn with a different method than the traditional one.

He was the first foreigner from that school to learn with this efficient method that is using anime, manga, and even Japanese music.

He lived in Japan from the age of 2 to 13 and currently lives in Brazil.

With all of the above he learned Japanese in a short time and can teach his students at the Kenji Sensei Club today.

Kenji Sensei Club: Course Contents

Every course is filled with the most used phrases in everyday life and also anime phrases for you to learn by analyzing them with Sensei.

Check out some of the topics available in the course:

  • 01 - Bleach/ Basic vocabulary
  • 02 - Kenji Sensei's Activity P1
  • 03 - Kimetsu no Yaiba/ Verbs P1
  • 04 - Kenji Sensei's Activity P2
  • 05 - Fairy Tail/ Verbs P2

To acquire the Japanese course online from Kenji Sensei Club you have lifetime access and can study whenever and wherever you want at any time.


The new version brings even more bonuses for you to learn the Japanese language:

  • Sensei Club's community on DISCORD.
  • Group Class

As usual, you will have access to a closed group on Facebook where you can count on the help of Sensei Kenji and his fellow students, students of the course, to help you on this journey.

How much?

Mayara speaks in the video that she searched for schools in nearby cities (Click here to view) and I didn't think for less than 300 reais, which gives more than R$ 3,000.00 per year.

In Kenji Sensei's Club course you will pay nothing of the sort, see the promotional price clicking here.

Certificate included?

After completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion showing that you have completed the entire bonus course grid. You can then print it out if you wish.

Testimonials kenji Sensei Club course

It is in the true testimonies that we see if really the course fulfills what promises and brings results for your students, see some:

Professor Kenji is awesome! I loved the whole course! Not to mention that I always have some doubts, Kenji Sensei explains to me in the group. Atama ii ne Snesei!!

My son loved the classes, I've been watching some with him, and really the way the teacher passes is very didactic and clear. Congratulations on the course.

Great course! I knew a few phrases from anime, but after having studied at the Kenji academy I started to learn everything, the way Kenji explains is very good.

These were some of the testimonies, for see more click here.

Will I really learn Japanese?

The more than 5 thousand students that Kenji Sensei Club has proves the quality of the method that is passed on.

Even if you are starting from scratch in a short time you will learn to get by in the Japanese language.

Make the most of Japanese culture by learning the Japanese language with this method proven by thousands of students across Brazil!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Japanese course for?

For beginners and beginners in the Japanese language.

Who is the course teacher?

Richard Kenji Yokoyama Sensei Club

Kenji Yokoyama is the teacher and creator of the Kenji Sensei Club course and method.

Is the course online or in person?

It is 100% online in over 150 video lessons for you to watch whenever and wherever you want, all you need is an internet connection.

What will I learn?

Japanese alphabets Hiragana, Katakana, improve your speaking, reading and writing, words and phrases you learn will always have examples in anime/manga, reading in Japanese and much more!

Do I earn a course completion certificate?

Yes, by completing the course you will earn a digital certificate.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes, 7-day unconditional warranty.

Do you have Student Support?

Support via Whatsapp Kenji Sensei Club

You will have support by e-mail and via Whatsapp, for more details click here.