Watch netflix from Japan

Know how to watch netflix from japan or titles with Japanese subtitles!

It's a bit tricky to find Japanese dramas to watch on your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. Now imagine with Japanese subtitles to improve your exposure in the language.

Generally the easiest is to have subtitles in English or others, in the native language it is a little more complicated.

Anyone looking for a way other than “alternative” means has much more difficulties.

We have Netflix which is very popular here in Brazil, but when we watch a series/film only the audio is in Japanese.Sometimes it can happen to be dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese and not have the original audio to complicate things even more.

netflix from japan

As we are located in Brazilian territory, we are limited to the catalog restricted to our country.

Many times in other countries the catalog is much broader, and in our case we are interested in Japanese, so it would be interesting to have the possibility of getting around this “problem”.

An alternative is to look for programs or plug-ins that change your geographic location, simulate that your computer is connected from another place, usually another country using, for example, a VPN.

What is VPN?

VPN (virtual private network) is a service indicated for those who want to have more privacy and anonymously surf the internet, ensuring more security and privacy, because the navigation is encrypted.

That way you can access places that provide internet access (public Wi-Fi) for free, which usually doesn't even need a password to connect, with much more peace of mind, protecting the connection between “client and site/server.

One of the functions that people most want from a VPN is to be able to access websites in other countries that have their content blocked in their country of origin, such as Brazil or even South America. This type of service simulates that your IP is elsewhere that the content allows you to access it without restrictions.

VPN to watch netflix from Japan

Look for plugins, VPN software of your choice to start using not only with netflix from japan, but in places that block content by region.

In the video below you can see how simple it is to use one of the different extensions in your browser:

O hello that was quoted apparently it is the most popular, it can be added in the main browsers, android, IOS, and with simple steps you can activate and use it. You have the option to choose Japan as shown in the video above.

Another alternative that is unfortunately not free is the AVAST antivirus which has this option, just activate it, called secureline VPN which does this function to protect your information by encrypting and simulating that you are accessing the internet from another country.

Netflix is increasingly restricting who uses VPN, so it may happen that most plug-ins and applications for this purpose no longer work, but for now we have one more alternative, which is the website NordVPN

VPN Options

If you search a lot you still find free VPNs, but they are very limited in terms of data, for example the HotspotShield give 500 MB a day and the tunnel bear 500 MB month. Not to mention that they will be slower to access the sites.

With that in mind, and if you want to study or have a title that you really need to watch, you'll need to search the entire internet to find somewhere to download or acquire a VPN.

Below are some indications to evaluate which one is best for you:


THE company itself emphasizes that it is well optimized for streaming services (Netflix, Primevideo). It has many servers around the world. Main features:

  • We can use up to 6 devices.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth (No data limits).
  • Quick Connect, their function to automatically find a faster server for you.
  • Available in over 59 countries
  • Can test for 30 days with money back guarantee.


THE Surfshark VPN it is always among the most indicated in the analysis/reviews of websites, rivaling NordVPN, regarding streaming: Its main advantages are:

  • Unlimited number of devices
  • Native ad blocker
  • Thousands of servers spread over 65 countries.
  • 30 days to test with refund within this period.


THE Express VPN is also among the best when it comes to accessing services like Netflix with catalogs from other countries, for example Japan. Some of its functions are:

  • Unlimited streaming traffic
  • Thousands of servers, in 160 locations, spread across 94 countries, including Japan.
  • Split tunneling, among its various functions, one of them is to allow access to your local content and foreign sites that were previously blocked, at the same time.
  • 30 day money back guarantee

THE Surfshark made a comparison of some VPN options on your website as we can see in the image below:

Surfshark vs other VPNs
Surfshark vs other VPNs

no VPN

After testing free VPNs and thinking about waiting a little longer to buy a paid one, you can watch contents, series (dramas), movies, animes, subtitled in Japanese with current Netflix content in Brazil.

Let's take the example of the Japanese series available on Netflix Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman looking at the image below:

Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman - Japanese Subtitles [CC]
Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman – Subtitles in Japanese [CC]

by clicking on Dialog icon (Computer, smartphone) note the option [CC] (Closed Caption), from the available subtitle languages, select Japanese[CC]. The difference from CC to normal subtitles is that they are “richer” in content, as they were made for the hearing impaired and even have descriptions of the sounds emitted.

I believe this is not a problem for anyone looking train your japanese with series, movies, Japanese animes. There are many titles that have the [CC] subtitles.

Language Learning with Netflix

Another way to study/improve your Japanese is by using a Chrome extension with name of Language Learning with Netflix that makes it possible to place two subtitles at the same time.

Some of its other functions are:

  • Save words and phrases (pro version)
  • Leave the Romaji activated
  • highlight words
Language Learning with Netflix shortcuts and functions
Language Learning with Netflix shortcuts and functions

They exist many titles with Japanese subtitles that you can use to train your listening in the Japanese language.

As an example, I'll show you Kantaro's again so you can get a sense of what Netflix looks like by activating this extension:

Netflix in Japanese - Kantaro
Netflix in Japanese – Kantaro

Some functions are good for studying Nihongo:

Show Transliterations

  • no transliteration
  • Romaji
  • hiragana

Translation language:

  • Portuguese [Human Translation] is the official one and has a lot of quality (more reliable)
  • Showing machine translation is similar to that of translators where the quality is not very good.

Now you have one more alternative to do a lot of input with Japanese movies, animes and dramas on netflix and also on other sites that block their content in Brazil.

Common questions

How to access Netflix from Japan?

If you are in Brazil the only alternative is use some VPN (virtual private network) to simulate that your IP is in Japan.

How to change Netflix to Japanese?

Go in Account and then on Parental Profile and Control and in your Profile in the Language option click on To replace. On the next screen choose日本語, click the save button and now Netflix is all in Japanese, more details.Netflix switch language to japanese