How to install and remove Japanese letters from your computer

easily learn to how to install and remove japanese letters from computer!

How to install and remove Japanese letters from your computer

A Japanese font file can have many formats, but the overwhelming majority is the TTF (True Type Font) format. The Japanese letters that are created in this file format accept accents and graphic symbols, in addition to having a nicer appearance in their various sizes. Because of this, TTF has become the most common file format for Japanese letters on the internet. Usually TTF files have the ttf extension.

Installing Japanese letters on the computer

A Japanese letter file can be installed via several paths. You can copy *.ttf files to the folder Sources Windows, use the control panel to install Japanese letters (most recommended), or use the right mouse button (for Windows Vista users).

Copying Japanese letters

Although some more experienced users do not recommend it, this is the most common and fastest way to install a new Japanese letter on your computer.

1. First, you will need to have the files on your computer. These files can be in any folder. You can download Japanese lyrics from the internet or copy them from a CD. Here at Language Japanese, you will find a page full of Japanese letters for you to download and use at will.

2. The second step is to locate the folder fonts from your computer. It is usually located in the C:\Windows directory. C:\Windows\Fonts is the most likely path to the folder where the lyrics files (fonts) that your computer uses are.

Although C:\Windows\Fonts is the most common location, depending on your computer installation, the folder where windows is installed may have a different name like WINNT, WINXP, WIN2K…

3. Found the folder fonts, the next step is to copy all ttf extension files to it. Remembering that if your Japanese letter files are compressed in Zip(*.zip) or WinRar(*.rar) files, you will need to unzip the files to another folder before copying them to the folder fonts from windows.

4. The last step is to use the letter we just installed. If you install Japanese letters on Windows 98 or lower, you will need to restart Windows in order to use the new letters. Another important thing is to know that some programs need to be restarted to be able to recognize and use the newly installed Japanese letters.

Install Japanese letters from the control panel

I'm not sure if this is the case with Windows XP, but some operating systems need to recognize the japanese letters registry installed on them. In some rarer cases, simply copying the lyrics files to the windows fonts folder can cause unexpected problems.

Because of this, more experienced users recommend installing Japanese letters using the control panel. Let's see now how to do this.

1. Go to the control panel (through explorer or by clicking the start button and then the control panel button), and find the item sources and double click on it.

japanese fonts control panel

2. Next, Windows will open a window called fonts. In it you will find all the letter files installed on windows, whether they are Japanese letter files or not. Now click on the menu file and then in the option install new font. This will open the window add fonts like the window shown below.

Folder Install Japanese Fonts - How to Install and Remove Japanese Letters from Computer

3. Now just use the window add fonts to locate the *.ttf files you want to install. Then just select one of the lyrics files in the box font list and click the button OK. Once this is done, the lyrics files will be installed and will be available for use in text editing programs.

window to install japanese fonts

4. Remember that in some operating systems and programs, you will need to restart in order to use the new Japanese letters. Another important thing that I repeat, is that if your Japanese letter file is compressed with WinZip(*.zip) or WinRar(*.rar) you will need to unzip the files before carrying out the previous procedures.

How to Install Japanese Letters with Right-Click

Windows Vista users have another feature to install new Japanese letters. They just need to right click on the ttf file and select the option install. With that, the new japanese letters will be installed and made available for use in an easy, fast and uncomplicated way.

How to remove Japanese letters from computer

To safely uninstall a Japanese font file from your computer, you will need to open the Fonts window in the control panel.

1. Again go to the windows control panel, find the item fonts and double click on it.


2. Then find the font you want to uninstall. right clickmouse over it and then select the option delete. Now your Japanese font has been uninstalled from your computer.

3. I recommend that you always make a backup copy of your Japanese lyrics files before deleting. If you delete a wrong file, you can reinstall it again.

now you already know install and uninstall japanese letters safely from your computer. So, you can now search and install new Japanese letters and use the ones you like the most.

If you wish, go to japanese lyrics free download page of the Japanese Language.

You can also visit microsoft official support and see how to install on the latest Windows.

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