What are Japanese computer fonts or letters

All letters or characters available on our computer are called fonts. But in the Japanese language, I amicably call them Japanese letters.

These fonts, or Japanese letters, exist on our computer so that we can type or write texts in existing programs on windows, such as Microsoft Word, BrOffice, NotePed and etc.

Without them it would be impossible to read any text written on the computer (such as Word documents) or on a web page. Therefore, if we write a text with a certain font, it is necessary that the computer of the person who is going to read the text also has the same font.. If the reader's computer does not have the chosen font, the text may be displayed unexpectedly.

This is the case for many users who visit Japanese Language. They enter the site and cannot see the Japanese letters. This means that they do not have the proper fonts for this font installed on their computer.

Normally, each font has a different style and has a name that identifies it among the others, such as Times New RomanArial andtahoma. Each of them has its own style and format.

In the same way there are also several types of Japanese letters like, MS MinchoMS GothicGothic IPA and many others. Each with its specific style and format.

Therefore, to view and read the texts written in Japanese on this site, you will need a Japanese font or letter installed on your computer.

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