How to use Japanese letters without installing

Know Easily how to use japanese letters without installing step by step!

A good tip for anyone who wants to test a file. japanese letter before deciding whether to install or not, is to use the file without installing. To demonstrate how to do this, I'll use the Japanese font IPAGothic. This Japanese lyric is not yet available here on Japanese Language, but I will make it available soon.

If you open Word or your favorite text editing program without having the Japanese font file installed, it simply won't display its name in the list of letters available for text formatting. And that's quite logical...

How to use Japanese letters without installing

The trick is to open the font file in preview mode before opening your text editor. This way, while font preview window is open, the Japanese font file will be registered in Windows and can be used in any editor. If you close the font preview window, Windows will unregister the font file and make it unavailable to programs that work with text.

Step-by-step instructions for using Japanese letters without installing

1. Double-click on the Japanese font file you want to test. This will open the Windows Font Viewer window and register the open file in the operating system.

window preview japanese fonts - How to use japanese letters without installing

2. Without closing the font preview window, open your favorite text editor or design program and locate the open font. Note that it is available as if it were installed on your computer.

select japanese letters msword

3. When you have finished using the Japanese font you want, save your work, close your text editor (or design program) and close the font preview window. When you go to use your saved work with the Japanese font not installed, you will need to open the file in the font preview window again and repeat all the steps above.

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