Improve your Japanese vocabulary on

Zoom in and improve your japanese vocabulary on! is a website aimed at the community of online language learners, its purpose is to provide tools for users to increase their vocabulary and learn Japanese for free on the internet.

Improve your Japanese vocabulary on

Improve your Japanese vocabulary on smart.fmI think can be useful for Japanese learners by working on three areas of the Japanese language, correct pronunciation of words, reading kanji (optionally romaji, hiragana or katakana) and listening, hearing and remembering the meaning of words.

This was another indication from the readers of the Japanese Language, Shuantsu and Rondnelly. I hope you like this site recommendation to learn Japanese.

iKnow – Learn Japanese using FlashCards with online audio

O iKnow is a program from that provides automatic FlashCards features online. The most common way to learn Japanese online at is by creating FlashCards with Japanese words or phrases, or copying other users' lists of words/phrases to learn using iKnow.

I always recommend that you try to learn phrases, not words. In sentences it is easier to understand the use of certain words in certain situations.

The good thing about using FlashCards in iKnow is that they have audio, so you don't just learn by writing, but by pronunciation and reading kanji as well. In addition, there are FlashCards based on phrases from books. That way you might end up finding lists of phrases belonging to your favorite study book.

Another interesting point of learn japanese online in iKnow is the fact that you can create your own cards. You will be able to create new cards with kanji without having to have Windows IME installed on your computer and recording your own audios.

Dictation – Learn Japanese with Word Dictation

Word dictation, or dictation, is another tool to help students learn Japanese.

In it, we see an incomplete sentence and hear a recording speak the complete sentence. Then we have to write the missing word within a time limit.

I found this feature very interesting, especially for learn kanji, since the pronunciation within a sentence can mislead us.

BrainSpeed – Learn Japanese by testing your mind

In the feature known as BrainSpeed you will be able to test your speed in understanding the Japanese language.

The more correct answers you give, the system will be faster, giving a shorter time limit for answers. On the other hand, for each wrong answer, your time limit for giving a correct answer will increase.

Track your progress and make new friends also has tools to track your study progress, showing you the words you've already learned and your results on word dictation and BrainSpeed tests.

Furthermore, as also functions as a community of people interested in learning Japanese, you can track and follow the progress of your friends, helping and being helped.


Despite not using it much yet, the first impression that left was very good. It seems to be a great tool to learn Japanese for free on the internet.

So, improve your Japanese vocabulary on, I just have to remember that it is only available in English and Japanese.

Start improving your Japanese vocabulary on