Japanese Express: Japanese Online Course

Discover online course Japanese express promises to help you start from scratch in the Japanese language and also for those who have a trip to Japan.

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Anyone who likes Japanese culture, whether anime, manga, movies, J-dramas and many other factors that make this culture unique, must have already crossed their minds to learn the Japanese language to enjoy this peculiar culture even more.

The big problem for those who are starting from scratch, or even started and stopped, is that the impression is that Nihongo is a very difficult or even impossible language to learn.

But this is not true! What happens is that you still haven't learned the correct methodology to study efficiently.

Wouldn't it be great to have a course that goes straight to the point without any fuss aimed at those who want to quickly learn the basics of the language to travel to Japan or have more motivation to delve even further into the Japanese language?

It was for this reason that 先生 Luiz created the express japanese course for those who have this goal and need to learn quickly enough to be able to get by in Japan.

Trip to Japan: Japanese Express Course

What is the Japanese Express Course?

It is a closed course exclusively for students in which, through video lessons, you will be able to start from scratch and learn the Japanese language much more efficiently quickly.

But this NEW Japanese online course it has a big difference compared to the other, it lasts for 6 weeks, that is, practically 1 month and a half.

Who is this course for?

The course aims to be as direct, simple and easy as possible so that anyone can learn the basics of the language.

It was created thinking of the person who:

  • You have no time to waste and urgently need to learn at least the basics to be able to have essential communication in Japan
  • For those people who don't know anything about the language, they want to learn the basics right away to have much more motivation to continue with their studies.

Express Japanese is very focused on those types of people who are looking for an online Japanese course that is fast and brings satisfactory results in less time.

It is a Japanese course for travelers to Japan coming soon or want to learn the basics of the language quickly.

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What is the course content?

As usual, the course is 100% online on a closed site for students only and features:

  • A team prepared to answer your questions
  • You will receive login and password to access the portal
  • Content focused on bringing a foundation for you to communicate with natives
  • There are 6 topics plus bonuses for you to learn quickly and in a simplified way in videos lessons plus downloadable handouts

In each class you will have the possibility to leave your question, similar to a comment, for the support team to respond as soon as possible.

Who is the creator of the Japanese Express Course?

Luiz Rafael Japanese Express Course

The course was created by 先生 Luiz Rafael, also creator of japanese online program, to fill a gap in which thousands of people want quick results so they can at least “survive” with the basics of the language in Japan.

Luiz has been studying the Japanese language since he was 15 years old and has a lot of experience in the area of language learning.

Is the Japanese express course for me?

If you are going to travel to Japan soon or want to quickly learn the basics of the Japanese language, then this course is for you!

With simple lessons for anyone interested to learn easily enough to get by in Japan, such as shopping, taking the train, thanking a native, etc.

If you are interested in learning very efficiently the basics to keep a conversation going on what you will need on your trip or want to start from scratch and quickly learn the basics of the language, then this course is definitely for you!

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