The dangers of installing too many Japanese letters on your computer

stay tuned with the dangers of installing too many Japanese letters on your computer!

Although there are several problems, I'm going to list some of what I believe are the most important and cause most headaches for users. I believe that, as I also do design work for the company I work for, this has influenced me in selecting the main side effects and creating these articles about how to use japanese letters on the computer.

The dangers of installing too many Japanese letters on your computer

Operating system slowdown

Every operating system has a limitation on the number of lyrics files it can work with. The limit amount varies from operating system to operating system, but the effect is always the same.

After installing an exaggerated amount of Japanese letter files, windows crashes easily, becomes slow and slow to perform simple operations, and even some normal activities make us lose patience.

A friend told me that he even sent his computer for maintenance thinking that the problem was a virus or something similar. Only after a good analysis, the technician verified that the amount of lyric files installed on the computer was very large. After deleting some files from the C:\windows\fonts folder, everything returned to normal.

It takes some programs to start

Sometimes, windows is not slow or crashing, but some programs start to show a certain slowness, especially when opening Word or some text editing program. This can happen because the amount of installed lyrics (font) files is not very big, but it is enough to cause small problems.

Difficulty finding specific fonts (types)

I've been through this problem many times. I didn't have the patience to search and look for a specific letter or font file, so I installed every type of letter file on my computer. So when I created a graphic or design project, I kept testing different fonts to find the best one.

The problem is that in the middle of the tests, I ended up remembering a letter that fits perfectly into the project I was developing. When searching, I had to locate a specific letter among hundreds.

Only after a few headaches did I realize that it would be better to use a font manager to make my job easier, but that's the subject of the next topic.

low virtual memory

I believe this is the least of all problems. So far this hasn't caused me anything serious even though I know it can cause problems while using the computer.

I won't go into technical details, but if you use a lot of lyrics files on your computer and you constantly get warnings of low virtual memory, this could be due to the number of installed lyrics files.

As each font is a file, each installed Japanese or common font takes up space on your HD (Hard Disk, Drive C, D…). When we use a lot of disk space for storage, windows can run out of memory to work together with RAM memory. This fact causes low virtual memory and limits the use of some programs.

It is logical to think that the low virtual memory problem is something rare to happen. From what I've noticed, it usually happens with computers that have a small hard drive and in most cases it doesn't.

From my experiences and activities, I know that these problems are difficult to come by. But I believe it's important to warn about them, as I'm starting to make it available Japanese lyrics for free download and I don't want anything bad to happen to the readers of the Japanese Language.

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