JWPCe – Japanese text editor for writing in Japanese

JWPCe - Japanese text editor to write in Japanese

Discover more about JWPCe – Japanese text editor for writing in Japanese!

JWPce is a Japanese word processor that allows you to write in Japanese without having to install the Windows IME on the computer.

JWPCe – Japanese text editor for writing in Japanese

For those people who don't have the Windows installation CD, or couldn't install Windows IME (Japanese Windows support), JWPce can be a great choice for writing Japanese on your computer.

JWPce and Its Resources for Writing in Japanese

JWPce has many interesting features for students to write in Japanese on the computer without using Windows IME. I haven't tried them all, but I'll list the things I found most interesting in this Japanese word processor.

Online Japanese Dictionary

JWPce uses online dictionaries like Jim Breen's, allowing for an interesting range of searches for hiragana, katakana and kanji translations.

search for radicals

This word processor has a very interesting variation of searching for kanjis with similar radicals, using the radicals or the kanjis themselves as filters for the search.

kanji coloring

In JWPce you can build a list of known kanji. So, when opening Japanese text, JWPce adds a color to the Japanese letters, separating the known kanji from the unknown.

Kanji counter (kanji counting)

This was a very interesting feature of JWPce. We can open Japanese text and look for similar kanji arranged by the number of strokes. This is good for students who like to learn Japanese and kanji by symbol similarity.

information about kanji

While reading Japanese texts, it is possible to select a Japanese symbol and open a window with varied information about the selected symbol, as well as meanings and readings in romaji.

Kanji search variations

JWPce has many features of searching for kanji using stems, bushu, number of dashes, reading or pronunciations, SKIP, For-coner, indexes and more. For those who use these ways of sorting kanji, JWPce can be a very useful tool.

Free system to use and distribute

That's right! JWPce is completely free to use and distribute among friends and Japanese learners.

JWPce and Its Disadvantages

As with other tools for learning Japanese, I didn't find many weaknesses in the Japanese word processor JWPce. One of the few disadvantages is the fact that it uses online dictionaries. For those who usually study offline, this can be a disadvantage.

Another disadvantage is the fact that I can't find a JWPce translation for Portuguese. Despite doing several searches on the internet, I couldn't find a translation that worked well.

The conclusion

Despite the disadvantages, JWPce is a great tool for those who need to write in Japanese on their computer but don't have the Windows IME installed.

Without windows Japanese support, the only remaining way to write Japanese on your computer is using tools like JWPce, Ajax IME and Wakan.

Visit the official JWPce website