Games to learn Japanese alphabet hiragana and katakana

meet some games to learn japanese alphabet hiragana and katakana!

One of best ways to learn japanese, in my personal opinion, is to combine study and fun; especially if it involves Japanese games.

With that in mind, I looked for sites on the internet that would help users learn Japanese using computer games and I ended up finding the site learn-hiragana-katakana.

Games to learn Japanese alphabet hiragana and katakana

It's been some time since I mentioned this site on the Japanese Language Twitter, and due to the great acceptance of the followers, I thought it would be useful to mention the site again to those who ended up not seeing the nomination.

Despite being a site focused on the learning japanese alphabet phonetic, whether hiragana or katakana, learn-hiragana-katakana has very interesting and fun Japanese games. Being a source of leisure for both beginners and more advanced Japanese language learners.

Hiragana and katakana typing games

My two favorite games are the hiragana typing game it's the katakana typing game. They are Japanese games where the letters of the alphabet are falling on the screen. From there, the objective is to type the romaji of the falling letter before it reaches the bottom of the screen.

 hiragana typing game - Games to learn Japanese alphabet hiragana and katakana

Over time, the game becomes more difficult as the letters fall faster and in larger amounts. Also, when we type a one-letter romaji correctly, the letter of the Japanese alphabet explodes and disappears.

Besides them, there are other games in Japanese that are very interesting, like memory games and others that I couldn't understand very well. Although the site is in English, the games are intuitive and easy to understand.

For those who know a little English, the site also has a lot of useful information like Japanese symbols, Japanese phrases, book and course reviews, Japanese vocabulary and many other cool things.

Visit the learn hiragana katakana website and learn the alphabet with Japanese games.

Fun site tip to learn Hiragana and Katakana by training if you memorized it or not it's the site kana invaders!