How to install windows japanese support

learn now to how to install windows japanese support!

Many beginners in the Japanese language experience problems when using the computer in their studies. Windows, as it is installed on most computers, cannot correctly display Asian characters and it is not even possible to write in japanese on pc.

If your goal is not just to see Japanese characters and letters, but to write and practice using the computer, then we will need to install the appropriate Windows features. In this process, you will need the CD to install it.

How to install windows japanese support

An alternative for those who find it difficult to install japanese support on windows is to use the Ajax IME it's the Wakan since we can write in Japanese on the computer only with the Japanese letters installed. It is worth checking.

If you do not have the Windows installation CD, you can download and install the Windows IME (Japanese Windows Support) on the Microsoft website. Below are the download links.

If you have Windows/Office XP or higher you can download the IME from this link:

If your office/windows is lower than XP, I advise you to download and install the previous version of IME from this link:

To install another language on windows 7, for example Japanese, follow the tutorial clicking here.

If your Windows XP or Office is not genuine, I suggest you do not download the above files. During installation, Microsoft checks to prevent piracy of its programs and this can cause some inconvenience.

I've already received reports that Windows IME ends up working only for 30 days on pirated copies of Windows and Microsoft Office. The best way is to install Windows IME from the installation CD. Even Microsoft itself suggests this.

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Starting to install Windows Japanese Support

To get started, go to the control panel and double click on the regional settings option.

How to install windows japanese support

The “regional and language options” dialog box will appear. In this window, click on the “languages” tab.

windows japanese support regional options

Identify the item “supplementary language support” and check the option “install files for East Asian languages”.

install files for east asian languages

After that, windows will display a message informing you that you have chosen to install Asian languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean. This will require some disk space. Click ok and let's continue.

install windows ime supplemental languages

At this stage, you will need the Windows XP installation CD. Place the cd in your computer's cd-rom drive and click OK.

After copying the files supporting your chosen languages, the installation wizard will prompt you to restart your computer.

windows ime copying

Click Yes and let the computer restart.

install windows im restart

After windows restart, go back to the control panel; double-click the regional and language options icon. In the window that opens, click on the languages tab and then on the details button.

The name of the opened window is now “Text Services and Input Languages”. In the “Installed Services” option, click on the “Add…” button.

windows japanese support add

When opening the “Add input language” window, select Japanese for the “Input language” field and “Microsoft IME Standard 2002 ver. 8.1”, or the most current version, to the “Keyboard Layout/IME” field.

windows ime add japanese keyboard

Now just exit by clicking on the “OK” buttons to complete the installation of Windows XP Japanese support.

Note that after installation, a button should appear in the right corner of the taskbar showing the default Windows language. By clicking on this button we can choose to use another language. By selecting Japanese, we switched to using oriental language support and writing in katakana, hiragana and kanji.

windows ime japanese language

If, after selecting the Japanese language, we click again on the language button on the taskbar and select the option “Show language bar”, we will be able to see and use all the features of Windows XP's Japanese support for writing and reading.

windows ime language bar

From now on your windows will be able to display Asian characters in texts and websites. You can use this feature with any program, from Notepad to more advanced word processors like Word. Try playing around with the language bar functions and see how it works.

windows im in microsoft word

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