Fan Art Method 3.0 - How to Draw Anime Characters

learn to how to draw anime characters even without having the "gift" step by step with the fan art method 3.0 created by Mayara Rodrigues. 

Those who like Japanese culture, especially for anime, mangas have already been curious to know if it is possible to learn how to draw that favorite character even without having an affinity, the “gift” of drawing.

The big problem is that without a good method or someone who can teach in a practical way, it is difficult to learn on your own.

It was thinking about this that the Mayara decided to create a simple method, practical and that focuses on what is really important.

What is Fan Art?

Do you know what is a fan art? See below for a brief explanation of and also find out more about the Fan Art Method which is very popular in Brazil for those who want to learn how to draw anime:

Fanart, fan art or even Fanart is a work of art based on a well-known character, costume, item or work, which was created by fans. The term can be applied both to art made by fans of characters in certain book(s), as well as art derived from visual media such as comics, movies and/or video games. It usually refers to artwork by amateur artists or artists not paid for their work. It's a work done by fans of their own imagination about the original work.
Source: Wikipedia

Now let's get to know what this course is and also its creator, more testimonials from those who made and approved it.

What is the Fan Art Method?

A method created to teach people who want to learn how to draw their favorite anime character without much complication in a well explained and didactic step by step.

Learn to draw similar to how the original anime author draws the character he created.

Mayara Rodrigues creator of course

Mayara Rodrigues creator of the fan Art Method
Mayara Rodrigues creator of the fan Art Method

Mayara Rodrigues, like many Brazilians, began to be interested in anime and his favorite was Digimon and with that came the desire to learn how to draw their favorite characters.

The big problem is that she didn't evolve much when trying to draw and also a drawing course was not very cheap and not close to her home.

She then started buying magazines that taught her to draw, usually Japanese methods.

After a lot of brainstorming it was then after a long time, many years, that she really understood how to draw an anime.

Find out more details of their story by clicking here!

What is the content of the Fan Art Method?

The course doesn't get stuck, it goes straight to what really matters, see only the topics that the online course offers fan art method 3.0 has:

  1. Image Analysis
  2. Sketching Techniques
  3. Face Anatomy + Angle Variations
  4. Body Anatomy and Movements
  5. The secret of making anime/manga hair...
  6. Your character's perfect hands and feet…
  7. Designing Character Clothes
  8. Finishing drawings with a pen
  9. Introduction to painting + Light and Shadow

Fan Art Method 3.0 Bonus

And also as usual + 5 bonuses to further enhance your drawings:

  • The secret of drawing eyes
  • Heating and dash
  • Using all course modules in one drawing
  • Access to the Exclusive Group of Students
  • Certificate of completion
Member Area Fan art method

You will also have a closed Facebook group for any questions you may have with the course author.

Of course, there is no such thing as a miracle, but for sure you will learn in a practical way from those who understand the subject, practicing every day and seeing in a short time how fast you are progressing.

Will I learn how to draw anime characters?

For those who want to learn how to draw anime characters in a simple and to the point way, then the fan art method works and it's right for you!

Check below the Mayara students who are already getting excellent results and fulfilling their dream of learning how to draw their favorite anime characters.

Student Testimonials

See testimonials made by your students demonstrating how happy they were to draw their favorite anime characters:

Congratulations on the Mayara course, I thought it was very good. I've already recommended it to several friends, it's worth it. Very straight to the point, I'm already in the 4th module and the difference is absurd from my old drawings to now, every day I'm getting better. True congratulations and success to you. kisses

João Gabriel Alvarenga

Euuu was crazy wanting to draw Eren Yeager!!! Jaaa had copied some over it, but today I drew it without even looking!!! Following everything you taught in the Course!!!
Tooo happy too, I'll even make a poster soon to put here in my room hehehe!! Thanks Mayy, your course sucks!!!

Marcos Vinicius Viana

See also the testimonies of the results that your students had showing their drawings below:

Jonathan Testimony on the Fan Art Method
Adson Testimonial on the Fan Art Method

Mika's testimony about the fan art method.

Does the Fan Art Method work?

For sure! If you've seen the student testimonials you have already noticed that in addition to being simple and very didactic, Mayara Rodrigues knows what she is talking about/doing.

You will watch videos of classes divided into modules so that you can evolve and put into practice everything you learned easily and without wasting a lot of time.

Are you convinced that even if you've never drawn before, you can practically learn the techniques to start drawing anime characters now?!

Discover the Method NOW and why it is so popular these days!

Common questions

Does the course work for me?

If you are 8 years old, 16 years old or even 40 years old (no matter what age) and want to learn how to draw anime and manga characters, then this course is for you!

What comes in the Fan Art method?

There are more than 35 video lessons plus audios and texts.

What is the period for accessing the course?

Access is for life, that is, for an indefinite period.

Can I pay for the course in installments?

Yes, you can split the Fan Art 3.0 course in up to 10 installments on your credit card. You can even use 2 credit cards if you like.

Is it safe to buy the Fan Art Method?

Yes, the Hotmart platform to make the payment which is very safe.

Where can I ask my questions?

It has support via Whatsapp for you to answer your questions.

Do I need something for the course?

An internet connection and simple things like pencils among others that will be shown in the course.

Does the course have a certificate?

Yes, you have a certificate of course completion.

Is the course guaranteed?

Yes, the guarantee is unconditional for 7 days so if you don't like the course you can ask for your money back, with a refund of the full amount.

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