How to View Japanese Letters on Computer

As mentioned on other pages, when we decide to learn Japanese using the computer, it is necessary to prepare by installing some files and program packages.

In this case, we can prepare the computer only to see Japanese letters or prepare the PC to read and write in Japanese.

If you want to read and write Japanese on your computer, I advise you to read the article about How to Install Japanese Support on Windows XP.

The current article is only limited to being able to view Japanese letters on your personal computer. And it is intended for those people who had problems or were unable to install windows Japanese support.

The Japanese letters mentioned below are True Type and can be used by any computer that supports these types of fonts; that is, virtually all computers.

Downloading Japanese lyrics from the internet

Just click on the links below to download the appropriate Japanese letters for your operating system.

Download Japanese lyrics MS Gothic.

Download Japanese lyrics MS Mincho.

To read the articles on this blog, we recommend that you install Japanese letters MS Mincho and MS Gothic. The entire blog is written using these letters (fonts).

Installation on Windows:

Unzip the *.zip files.

Then just copy the Japanese letters files (.ttc files) to C:\Windows\Fonts.

Remember that it is often necessary to restart the computer so that Windows can identify the installed Japanese letters.