the future tense in japanese

know more about the future tense in japanese!

I've commented several times during the articles in Japanese Language, that there is no verb conjugation for future tense in Japanese. This intrigues many students about the way the Japanese go about expressing events that are yet to happen.

the future tense in japanese

It gets even more complicated when we discover that Japanese people use present tense verbs and expressions to talk about the future. How can this be done? The answer is much simpler than most people think.

In addition to using context, a simple and effective strategy for talking about the future in Japanese is to use the verbs in the present tense along with adverbs of time. If you're a keen observer, you've noticed that I've done this several times during Japanese language articles.

I decided to write this article to answer some questions from Japanese language readers. I advanced a subject of high school Japanese, where we will talk more about the future tense in the Japanese language. For now, there is a hint of this simple strategy and some examples on how to talk about the future in Japanese.


Gift: 東京に行きます。
Future: 明日、東京に行きます。

Gift: 医学を勉強する。
Future: 来年、医学を勉強する。

Gift: 彼は来ます。
Future: 彼は後で来ます。

Using tsumori can be a great option to reinforce the idea of the future in Japanese sentences. Just look at the example below:


In closing, I'll leave a few sentences using adverbs to indicate the future tense in Japanese.






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