Hiragana: Full Table

O hiragana it's the first Japanese alphabet we learned when we started venturing into the language of the land of the rising sun.

It is undoubtedly the easiest to learn and memorize, not to mention that it can also be the most important to read the furiganas that usually sit on top of kanji and help us pronounce correctly.

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Learn to write Hiragana strokes correctly

This alphabet has 46 ideograms plus ten ten, maru and the junction of two ideograms that generate a sound, for example  ぎゃ (GYA) , also known as Youon.

To help you memorize even more, I'll make the full hiragana table available for download. Help you and also me that I remembered them all when typing them :).

To learn in a fun way, in addition to the downloadable table, watch the video below that “sings” the complete Hiragana for you to memorize.

Below you can follow another video of a child singing this Japanese alphabet:

Also follow another video pronouncing it, but the difference is that it goes tenten/dakuten:

Hiragana with Tenten/Dakuten

Download the complete Hiragana Table

Anyone who wants to can already see it on the slide below and also download it. clicking here.

Hope the table helps you!

Any questions or just to warn about an error, leave a comment and I will respond as soon as possible.


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