Add furigana with hiragana megane

Add furigana with hiragana megane on your favorite website!

Add furigana with hiragana megane

For those who don't like to use Mozilla Firefox and its plugins (furigana injector) to add furigana on the web, a Add furigana with hiragana meganegood option is the website Megane hiragana.

What does Hiragana Megane do?

With this website, it is easier for users of other internet browsers to read websites in Japanese. Hiragana Megane simply adds the furigana of all the kanji from the websites we access through it.

How to add furigana to a website

Hiragana Megane has a text box on the home page of its website. In it you can type the internet address (url) of a website in Japanese.

Then just click the button GO, that Hiragana Megane will open the page displaying the furigana of all the kanji in it. Simple and easy.


For those who are just learning Japanese and don't want to change their internet browser, this could be a great option.

In addition to being a free service, no installation is required, as the Hiragana Megane system works completely online.

Click here to see how Hiragana Megane adds furigana to the Japanese version of the Yahoo website.

Access Hiragana Megane and do your own tests.