Download audio from Text to Speech website

We've talked a few times about the importance of doing a lot of input for the language we're studying, be it Japanese or any other.

It can be through sentences that have audios, thus enabling listening and reading at the same time, optimizing your study. The difficult thing is to find the audio of sentences that we take from books, websites, mangas, movies, etc. It is usually even more difficult to find audios with the pronunciation of native speakers.

We've already explained how simple it is to do download the audios of the sentences that we put in google translator or even for those who study for the anki add audio automatically.

There's nothing better than expanding your options to add audio to your studies. Next we will present the site text to speech which offers the option to download in several languages with different voices according to the chosen language.

text to speech

If for example you choose portuguese there's Eusebio, who has a Portuguese accent, or the “famous” Felipe, who you hear a lot in youtube videos narrating some tutorial or funny video, for example, unimpeded videos from the channel.

Download audio from text to speech

Access the text to speech website first and choose a phrase that you want to download the audio. Remembering that it is mandatory to hear it so that the firefox browser flashgot plugin can capture the audio.

In the video I used two example sentences found in the book. how to say everything in japanese, that are:


(Silvia) has already told me a lot about you.


I was really looking forward to meeting him.

As it uses flash, it may be that there are some bugs or it takes a long time to load, if there is any error, reload the page (F5).

With this tip from the text to speech site, it's much easier to download relatively large phrases to add to your anki or even listen to an excerpt from a book to train your comprehension even more.

Remembering that we already indicated some sites for you to improve and learn the Japanese language, be sure to check it out!