N's family in katakana

Meet N's family in katakana and the stroke order in your writing!

N's family in katakana

ナ = NA

The NA Symbol for me was pretty simple. It is Napoleon's sword. It is said that with this sword, the warrior can win any battle. Imagine yourself taking Napoleon's sword and vanquishing all opponents.

Order of katakana strokes in

ニ = NI

In addition to the katakana NI being the kanji that means two in japanese. It is very easy to learn as it has only two parallel strokes.

katakana ni stroke order

ヌ = NU

NU is the number 7 half crooked and with a dash in the middle. There are people who write the number seven like this. Also, notice that the NU is undressed; trying to hide her nudity (hehe).

Naked katakana stroke order

ネ = NE

Pay close attention to this one. NE was more difficult to learn. In this symbol we see Nemo (first dash) on top of his boat (second dash). Nemo's boat, upon reaching the Brazilian coast (hehehe) docked at the port (third dash) and threw the anchor overboard (fourth dash) in order to unload all the animals and products from the east. Did you understand? Did you see all parts of the symbol?

Katakana stroke order ne

ノ = NO

The NO katakana is a simple stick standing in the middle of nowhere.

Katakana stroke order in the

Japanese calligraphy exercise

Select the Japanese alphabet symbols and click the Generate button in the Worksheet for Kana and Kanji Practice . Then a new window will open with the file for printing. Then just print it out, cover the gray katakana symbols and then try to write it yourself. Just print and practice!