Y's family in katakana

Meet Y's family in katakana and the stroke order in your writing!

Y's family in katakana

This is a small family. As we studied in the article about hiragana, it only has three syllables YA (ヤ), YU (ユ) and YO (ヨ).

YA = ヤ

The YA katakana is similar to the SE katakana (セ). The difference is that the YA strokes are more square and the YA does not have the lower stroke (bottom) that there is in SE. The YA is also very similar to the hiragana YA (や), without the top stroke and more square.

In my case, whenever I look at the katakana YA I see the head of a donkey. Now just imagine the dumb kong fu (hehe). A donkey fighting kong fu like Bruce Lee is quite interesting.

katakana ya stroke order

YU = ユ

For me, the YU symbol is the numeral one (1) with exaggerated strokes. The top and bottom strokes are greatly exaggerated to form the YU katakana.

Order of strokes of katakana yu

YO = ヨ

Now a pretty easy one. The YO Symbol is simply an E written backwards.

Order of strokes of the katakana yo

Japanese calligraphy exercise

Select the Japanese alphabet symbols and click the Generate button in the Worksheet for Kana and Kanji Practice . Then a new window will open with the file for printing. Then just print it out, cover the gray katakana symbols and then try to write it yourself. Just print and practice!