How to learn kanji – say, listen, study, see, buy

After some time off, I'm slowly resuming the series of articles on how to learn kanji, giving tips on how to memorize kanji and learn the order of the strokes of each of them.

Today we are going to learn the kanji of very common verbs like saying, listening, studying, seeing and buying in Japanese.

Meaning: see, look, watch, observe, show, hope, idea
readings: ケン (Ken), みえる (Mieru), みせる (Miseru), みる (Miru)
How to learn: learn this kanji it was pretty easy for me. Just imagine an eye with two legs running around and screaming: – I can see! - I can see!
stroke order:

kanji See, look, watch stroke order
kanji See, look, watch stroke order

phrases in japanese:


Watashi o mi nasai.

Kare wa terebi o mieru.

Meaning: say, speak, words
readings: ゲン (Gen), ゴン (Gon), いう (Iu), こと (Koto)
How to learn: Another easy-to-learn kanji. This japanese symbol it's a mouth that doesn't stop talking. The first four lines form the caption with words like “blah, blah, blah” that the mouth speaks non-stop. And the last four strokes, form the open mouth talking nonsense.
stroke order:

Kanji Gen - speak, say - stroke order
Kanji Gen – speak, say – stroke order

phrases in japanese:
I use iu na.

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Meaning: study, learn, science
readings: ガク (Gaku), まなぶ (Manabu)
How to learn: This kanji is a child with a graduation cap. The ones college students wear when at the graduation ceremony. This child studies so much that he ended up graduating early.
stroke order:

Kanji Gaku - Study, Learn - Stroke Order
Kanji Gaku – study, learn – stroke order

phrases in japanese:
Nihongo ga sukina-gakudesu.

Meaning: purchase
readings: バイ (Bai), かう (Kau)
How to learn: To learn this kanji, I tried to imagine a man inspecting a glass eye on a shelf. He always inspects everything before buying. A good practice, don't you think?

The first five strokes form the eyes of the man you are inspecting and the final strokes form the glass eye on a shelf (the last two strokes).
stroke order:

Kanji Kai - buy - stroke order
Kanji Kai – buy – stroke order

phrases in japanese:
Kin de kōfuku wa kaenai.

Nani o katta nodesu ka.

Meaning: listen, hear, ask
readings: ブン (Bun), モン (Mon), きく (Kiku), きこえる (Kikoeru)
How to learn: As we can see, the kanji above is composed of the kanji for door (門) and the kanji for ear (耳). So he always reminds me of the ear of old gossips. They stay at the doors of their houses listening to people's conversations and then go out talking about everything and everyone.
stroke order:

Kanji kiku - listen, hear, ask - stroke order
Kanji kiku – listen, hear, ask – stroke order

phrases in japanese:
Ongaku or kikou.

Kite, kite!

These were the kanji with the order of their strokes for saying, listening, studying, seeing, shopping in Japanese. On sites like kanjivg you can see the stroke order of other Japanese ideograms. if you liked share and share with your friends and colleagues!