Useful time phrases in Japanese

learn some useful time phrases in Japanese for your day to day!

I thought it would be nice to close the articles about the hours in japanese with some phrases useful in everyday life. I also added a list of exercises on the subject.

Useful time phrases in Japanese
Useful time phrases in Japanese

In response to requests, I will endeavor to add exercises on each of the subjects mentioned here. Hope you like it.

At the end of the article you can download for print some exercises related to the topic.

Sumimssen ga...

Hai, nan deshou(help) ka?
Yes (yes), how can I help?

Ima, nanji desu ka?
What time is it now?

ee... ima, rokuji gofun desu
well... now it's five past six.

arigatoo enjoyimasu

Doo itashimashite
You're welcome.

The exercise about the hours in Japanese

Below is the exercise download link for the series of articles on “the hours in japanese”. Just download and print, or just write the answers on a sheet of paper.

The exercise involves writing the time in kanji and some expressions in Japanese. Hope you like it.
To view and print the exercise you will need Adobe Reader and the Japanese fonts installed on your computer.

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