Hour, minute, second, before and half in Japanese (kanji)

In today's activity, we will learn the kanjis (Japanese ideographic alphabet) for hour, minute, second, before and half.

Meaning: hour.
How to learn: Remember the kanji for sun, dimension and earth? That's right. This kanji is made up of the three symbols. The structure of this kanji is quite logical, since the position of the sun in relation to the earth is used to scale (measure) the number of hours that have passed during the day.
common reading: じ(Ji), とき(Toki).
stroke order:

kanji time stroke order
Kanji Time stroke order

Meaning: minute.
How to learn: This one is easier to remember than the previous kanji. He is simply a hornless KA(カ) with a hat.
common reading: ぶん(Bun), ふん(fun).
stroke order:

Kanji Minute bun fun stroke order
Kanji Minute stroke order

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Meaning: second, moment.
How to learn: You first traces of this kanji reminds me of the tree kanji (木) with a sailor hat. The remaining features remind me of a face smiling on only one side of the mouth. So, for milliseconds, I could see a magical tree wearing a sailor's hat and with a face drawn on its trunk. On the tree's face I saw a smile. That's right! She was only smiling on one side of her mouth!
common reading: びょう(Byō).
stroke order:

Kanji Second Moment - Byō - stroke order
Kanji Second – Moment of stroke order

Meaning: before, in front of, prev.
How to learn: All the more complex kanji require a little more imagination... In this symbol I can see a rabbit hat, the kanji for the moon and the hiragana り(laughs). Now imagine just a moon wearing a giant rabbit hat and laughing a lot before dark.
common reading: まえ(Mae), ゼン(Zen).
stroke order:

Kanji before, in front of, previous - Mae, Zen - stroke order
Kanji before, in front of, previous stroke order

Meaning: a half.
How to learn: This kanji is a short-circuited TV antenna. See that sparks and energy rays come out on top of it. Interestingly, the amount of energy that comes out of it is so great that the antenna breaks in half.
common reading: はん(Han).
stroke order:

Kanji Half - Han - stroke order
Kanji Half stroke order

These were the kanji with their stroke order for Hour, Minute, Second, Before and Half in Japanese. On sites like kanjivg you can see the stroke order of other Japanese ideograms. if you liked share and share with your friends and colleagues!