K's family in katakana

learn more about K's family in katakana and the order of strokes!

K's family in katakana

カ = KA
For those who haven't read the series learning hiragana II, the ka symbol is very similar to the handle of a coffee cup. The difference between hiragana and katakana is the upper-right stroke that is present in hiragana and absent in katakana.

KA stroke order in katakana

キ = KI
The KI katakana is nothing more than a TV antenna. That was easy. No?

Katakana KI stroke order

ク = KU
The KU symbol is very similar to a pig's head. Following is the sequence of strokes:

Katakana ku stroke order

ケ = KE
Imagine a person playing, using his hand as a revolver. From so much playing, the revolver ends up breaking.

katakana ke stroke order

コ = KO
The last symbol of the K family is a glass lying on the table. No mystery or difficulty.

Katakana ko stroke order

Japanese calligraphy exercise

Select the Japanese alphabet symbols and click the Generate button in the Worksheet for Kana and Kanji Practice . Then a new window will open with the file for printing. Then just print it out, cover the gray katakana symbols and then try to write it yourself. Just print and practice!