Inputting dramas and animes

Making input is recommended for those who are studying languages or want to improve it, and nothing better than watching movies, anime, dramas  to be efficient.

For those who want to start I will list below some sites and a specific program to do a lot of input in Japanese.

Let's start with the sites where we can watch it online without having to install anything on your computer.

Drama Sites

Dramaboil site

drama boil

At Dramaferver you will find dozens of movies, Japanese, Korean, Chinese dramas and much more. Although I noticed that there is a greater amount of Korean dramas, we still found a fair amount of Japanese dramas.

For you to enjoy this site with better quality I advise, after creating your account, upgrade to a premium account paying only 1.99 dollars per month, accepts paypal.

Upgrading to a premium account will give you the following benefits:

  • Watch in HD (High Definition)
  • No ads on the site
  • Receive the news first hand
  • Use the smartphone-only app and watch your dramas and movies whenever you want


viki dramas

Similar to the site mentioned above, on viki you'll also find a good amount of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai dramas and movies and more.

As usual, we also have a kind of premium account, called Viki Pass, with the following advantages:

The price is $3.99 per month, paypal is not yet accepted, and you can pay with a international prepaid credit card of your choice.

Popcorn Time

Available for Windows and other operating systems, Popcorn Time is a free way to watch movies, series of the most varied and also anime.

popcorntime animes

You can find dozens of anime to watch in the original, Japanese audio, and even add Japanese or Portuguese subtitles if you don't have it available.

It works in streaming via torrent, similar to netflix, where it is not necessary to download the movie, series or anime to be able to watch it.

With these three options you will have a lot of content to input. Hope you enjoyed the tips!

Leave your comment telling your experience with some of these options.