Force, car, hand, horse and foot in Japanese (kanji)

kanji horse-horse

Shall we learn some more kanji? This is the turn of the kanji for strength, car, hand, horse and foot.馬 Meaning: Horse. How to learn: Once I discovered the meaning of this kanji, it was easy to associate its features with

Mouth, sun, moon and eyes in kanji

Mouth, sun, moon and eyes in kanji

Learn the kanji mouth, sun, moon and eyes strokes! As I said before, I'm posting more kanji that I'm learning. If you have any questions or criticisms about how to study this blog, please do not hesitate to comment. this is great

Romaji and its role in nihongo

Romaji is simply a way of showing how to speak Japanese words using the letters of our alphabet. As our alphabet is known as the roman alphabet, this tool became known as romaji, because it is