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If you are just starting to get to know the Japanese language and its peculiarities, you may get lost and don't know where to start, you can learn for free from scratch with digital book unraveling the japanese language which is currently in its second edition.

Unlike most languages we know in Japanese, it is essential to learn to read alphabets such as Hiragana and Katakana and Kanji ideograms.

THE japanese writing it has these three alphabets, but by learning hiragana and katakan we can already read much of the content online or offline in Japanese.

If you still keep hunting in different places like learning Japanese, it can be very tiring mainly because the sources are very dispersed.

Thinking about it the Sensei Luiz Rafael created the digital book Unveiling the Japanese Language 2nd edition which contains excellent content that will empower you to know how to get started on the right foot in studying nihongo.

Download free 2nd edition of the digital book unraveling the Japanese language

Digital Book Content Unraveling the Japanese Language

The content is very complete and brings you in order for you to correctly learn the Japanese language and be self-taught.

See below the summary with the main topics covered in the e-book unveiling the Japanese language:

Part 1 Japanese Writing

  • Romaji
  • Japanese writing systems
  • hiragana
  • Dakuten (濁点 ) and Handakuten (半濁点 )
  • katakana
  • kanji

Part 2 The Japanese Language

  • Basic, affirmative, interrogative, negative and past phrases
  • Particles
  • Adjectives
  • Verbs
  • And much more…

What I indicated above in the summary is just an “appetizer” because it contains much more than that, it's 113 pages of pure content! You will have dozens of example sentences to put in your anki and study with much more quality.

Below is a video showing the summary of the book in its second version:

Download for free the digital book unraveling the Japanese language 2nd Edition

Besides the quality and commitment that Sensei Luiz Rafael put it to bring quality content in this book, he decided to make it available for free so that anyone can do the e-book download which is in its second version much more interactive.

Tired of looking all over the place about how to learn Japanese? So don't waste any more time and download your digital Japanese language book now.

Download the free Japanese language book now