K's family in hiragana

Meet A K's family in hiragana and learn how to write correctly!

Again, I recommend that you use your imagination. In many symbols, you may not see the same objects that I did. So, try to create your own objects from parts of the hiragana symbols and don't forget to practice with the exercises. You will see that it is very easy to learn this way.

K's family in hiragana

か = KA
In the letter KA, I can see the handle of a coffee cup. The cup is so full that it overflows and a drop of coffee has spilled out of the cup.

Hiragana KA stroke order - K family in hiragana

き = KI
Just imagine… there is a TV antenna drawing circles in your backyard!

Hiragana KI stroke order

く= KU
Who has never played or heard of pacman, that little ball that eats gum and is invincible against ghosts. That's right, KU is pacman's mouth getting ready to KUmer its lozenges.

Hiragana KU stroke order

け= KE
The letter KE is the easiest of the family. Just imagine a sword breaking in half when handled.

Hiragana stroke order KE

こ = KO
KO is a copying machine that can copy anything that passes between the two scratches.

Hiragana KO stroke order

Japanese calligraphy exercise

Select the Japanese alphabet symbols and click the Generate button in the Worksheet for Kana and Kanji Practice . Then a new window will open with the file for printing. Then just print it out, cover the gray hiragana symbols and then try to write it yourself. Just print and practice!