Learn Japanese online at LingQ

LingQ is another good site for you to learn Japanese online!

Podcasts (Sites that publish material in text, audio and video) are gaining more and more strength with the Broadband Internet.

LingQ – Learning Languages

Learn Japanese online at LingQ
Learn Japanese online at LingQ

A great site to read Japanese texts and listen to the text dialog is LingQ.

The good thing about LingQ is that the texts portray dialogues in a natural way with everyday Japanese conversations.

The audio doesn't have those artificial lines of interactive courses, much less the practice of repeating words.

There you can read the texts and listen to conversations at the same time, separate the known words from the unknown, check the study time and measure the amount of expressions learned in a given period.

The site itself says it is “The best way to Learn Japanese online and on mobile” do yourself a test to check.

The website is application have a vast library of content and courses for you to start learning the Japanese language.

 LingQ - online Japanese library

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In my case, I check the stats monthly, but you can do these checks weekly, every fortnight, annually, or as long as you like.

It's not just that! You can learn many different languages. The Japanese is still in beta version, but it's already very good and the trend is to improve more and more. Ah! And registration is free.

It has a free version and also a paid version that offers more functions or even just buy points to enable the options you want.

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