Jisho – Free and Online Japanese Dictionary

For those who understand a little English, or don't mind trying a little harder, the Jisho Japanese dictionary can be a good place to find the meaning of kanji and Japanese words.

Jisho is a free online Japanese dictionary based on the American Japanese dictionaries JDict and Edict. It is an easy-to-use dictionary where you can find the translation of words, kanji and phrases in Japanese or English.

This was an article suggested by the Japanese Language reader, Shuantsu. And I hope you like this suggestion as much as I did.

The two coolest things I found in this Japanese dictionary were the crossing of words with sentences (sentences) and the integration with web browsers.

Word and Phrase Crossing

In the Jisho Japanese dictionary, when you find a word or kanji, you can list phrases and check the usage of each Japanese symbol. The good thing about this feature is that we can learn to use words through examples, minimizing the possibility of misuse of kanji.

Integration with browsers

I don't know how this works for someone using Internet Explorer, but for someone using Firefox, it's possible to add the Jisho Japanese dictionary to the Mozilla search box.

Once on the Japanese dictionary website, just click the arrow next to the Firefox search bar button and select the Add option “Denshi Jisho – J to E or Denshi Jisho – E to J”. The J to E and E to J options mean that the search will be in the Japanese-English (Japanese to English) or English-Japanese (English to Japanese) dictionary.

Jisho Japanese Dictionary Free

From then on, you will no longer need to access the Jisho page to perform translations. Just select Denshi Jisho in the search bar, type the word in Japanese or English and see the translation provided by the Japanese dictionary.


For those who know a little English, the Jisho online Japanese dictionary can be a great auxiliary tool for your studies, having a large amount of kanji, words, phrases and translations.