5 Sites to Download Audio of Japanese Phrases

5 Sites to Download Audio of Japanese Phrases

See 5 sites to download audios of Japanese phrases! There are a multitude of sites where you can put the phrase you want in Japanese and in addition to hearing it in the voice of a native of the

5 profiles for Learning Japanese on Tiktok

learn japanese on tiktok

Want to learn Japanese on Tiktok? Meet 5 profiles to follow! There's nothing better than combining the useful with the pleasant while spending time on social networks watching videos and learning something, for example about languages,

Marugoto: Download the books for free!


Download Marugoto's books for free now and learn how to download books from Google books too! Anyone who is starting or wants to use a reliable source to learn the Japanese language the Japan Foundation has made its

Preply: Hire Private Language Lessons

Preply Japanese Lessons

With preply you can search for and hire private lessons in Japanese or several other languages available on the site. Those who have already started studying Japanese in most cases are satisfied studying alone or