SRS - Spaced Repetition System

spaced repetition system

SRS – Spaced Repetition System, also known as SRS, is a learning technique that uses time gaps between revisions of the same content already studied. This means that to learn something you studied today

Remembering the kanji and the Heisig method

Remembering the kanji or Heisig method

Muitos dos leitores do Língua Japonesa já devem conhecer o Remembering the kanji e o método heisig, mas como uma boa parte dos leitores deste site é composta por estudantes de japonês em nível básico, resolvi tentar ajudar

The YA particle in Japanese

The YA particle in Japanese

Now let's expand your knowledge about the YA particle in Japanese! The main function of the ya particle is simply to create lists of Japanese nouns. In this way, we can cite a set of things existing somewhere or things