write in japanese on windows


We've already shown you a little bit about how to learn the Japanese language and its alphabet, but wouldn't it be nice to start writing in Japanese on Windows? Contrary to what many think, it is very simple to configure to

How to Learn Japanese

japan flag

Learning the Japanese language can even be a little difficult at first, but knowing the right way to learn it can make your learning a lot easier. As my Sensei explained, for a person to be fluent

How to add furigana in microsoft word

How to add furigana in microsoft word

Learn how to add furigana in Microsoft Word! In the last few days, I've noticed some very interesting things about the windows IME integration, the windows japanese support, and the Microsoft Word word processor. Until then,

Origami and Japanese culture


As many of you may already know, origami is an artistic modality created and developed by Japanese culture. So beautiful and easy to learn, at least the most basic origami, it has spread around the world.

How to View Japanese Letters on Computer

As mentioned on other pages, when we decide to learn Japanese using the computer, it is necessary to prepare by installing some files and program packages. In this case, we can prepare the computer only to see the letters