Japanese songs on spotify

A música pode auxiliar muito na nossa aprendizagem de um novo idioma e atualmente não é difícil escutar e conhecer bandas, cantores novos com a ajuda de programas/aplicativos como o spotify. Por meio deles conhecemos

Katakana: Full table

Katakana table

Learn the Japanese katakana alphabet with a complete table! If you're curious about learning Japanese or even want to learn it, you'll find that you first need to learn hiragana, katakana and then katakana.

Free Download Japanese Language Book

Download free 2nd edition of the digital book unraveling the Japanese language

If you are just starting to know the Japanese language and its peculiarities, you may be lost and don't know where to start, you can learn from scratch for free with the digital book unveiling

Basic Particles - Part 2 (の and と)

Japanese Basic Particles – Part 2 (の and と)

Shall we continue with the learning of particles? Here go two more. Particle の (no) This is one of the easiest particles out there, if not the easiest and soon you will understand me. She is