The MO particle in Japanese

In Japanese, the most common function of the particle mo is to indicate a kind of similarity between words in the same sentence.

The MO particle in Japanese

According to japanese grammar, the particle mo can replace other particles in parallel sentences, putting two words on an equal footing or assuming the same meaning as words like alsoas well asas as and others with the same meaning.

How to say "also" in Japanese

When using parallel sentences, it is very common for the particle mo assume the meaning of the word also in the Portuguese language.

In these cases, it becomes an equivalent of the word also.




This is a car.

That one also it is a car?

Note that in the second sentence, the particle wa was replaced by particle mo. This can happen with other japanese particles, like the particles ga and wo.




Mr. Eduardo studies Japanese.

the lady mary also study japanese don't you?



She ate apple.

she ate orange also .



The Japanese came.

The Brazilians also came.

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The MO particle and Japanese word lists

using the particle mo, you can create lists of words with similar meanings for the phrase or the context of the conversation.

In such cases, it can take on a meaning similar to the conjunction and or to words like as well as, as…as or as well as.



So much you how much me or you and eu) are Japanese students.


Hanako likes sushi, tenpura and beer.

Emphasis on quantity, distances or frequencies

This often happens in sentences where we need to emphasize something that happens often. However, some exceptions may happen.

In cases like this, I found it difficult to find a translation pattern.

If you look at the examples below, you will notice that there is no specific translation for the particle mo.

Therefore, only living with the Japanese language will help to determine the correct translation for each sentence of this type.



I will not return to Japan for the next ten years.


She has ten brothers!


Tanaka knows all 5,000 kanji.


the particle mo it doesn't have many functions, yet some of them are difficult to understand.

For me, it is easier to understand Japanese sentences by living with the Japanese language than by grammatical rules.