Rikaichan – Free Japanese Dictionary for Firefox

Start using the extension now Rikaichan – Free Japanese Dictionary for Firefox!
Rikaichan - Free Japanese Dictionary for Firefox

Rikaichan is a japanese dictionary widely publicized on the Internet. For me, it is a strong competitor to Babylon's well-known Japanese dictionary. Its main advantages are: being a great Japanese dictionary, being a Mozilla FireFox browser plugin and free.

Rikaichan – Free Japanese Dictionary for Firefox

What sets Rikaichan apart from other Japanese dictionaries is that it translates kanji just by placing the mouse over unknown Japanese symbols. I myself have already downloaded, tried it and really liked its features.

The fact that it is a browser plugin for Mozilla FireFox makes installation very easy and quick. Just do a search in the add-ons window or do a quick search on the Mozilla extensions website. To make things easier, I'm leaving the links to the plugin and the manufacturer's website below:

Manufacturer's website

Mozila plugin installation site


The two weaknesses of Rikaichan are the exclusive use in FireFox and the separate installation of Japanese dictionaries. After installing Rikaichan, you need to install one of the Japanese dictionaries shown on the pages above. In my case, I installed the Japanese – English dictionary. Unfortunately, there is still no Japanese-Portuguese dictionary, but English makes translating texts much easier.

Tips on how to use

Rikaichan is a free, customizable and very easy-to-use Japanese dictionary. Just activate Rikaichan in FireFox for it to start working. Then, when hovering over an unknown kanji, a popup window will open with the information from the japanese dictionary about the selected kanji.

To activate Rikaichan:

1. Press Alt + Insert(ins or insert)
2. Click on the Tools menu and select the Rikaichan option
3. Right-click on the page and select the Rikaichan option