Lingoes – Free offline Japanese dictionary

meet the Lingoes – Free offline Japanese dictionary!

Lingoes - Free Offline Japanese Dictionarylingoes is a free Japanese dictionary that works very similarly to the famous Babylon, translating words between several languages, including Japanese.

Lingoes – Free offline Japanese dictionary

Despite having a computer at home, many people in Brazil still don't have a quality internet or a lot of time available to stay online on the Web. For this type of person, the free japanese dictionary Lingoes can be an amazing tool for learning Japanese.

All you need to do is download the Lingoes installation program and the dictionaries you want to use. Then, it will be ready to use in our studies.

What are the advantages of lingoes japanese dictionary

The advantages I found in using Lingoes as a Japanese dictionary were many. Anyway, the main advantages of this dictionary are: works offlineclick word translationhuge variety and number of dictionariessearch terms history and online translation by your preferred text translator.

Japanese dictionary that works offline

Most Japanese dictionaries I find on the internet work online, forcing the Japanese student to stay connected to the internet while studying. Japanese language.

This can be a big advantage for anyone who has broadband internet and a lot of time to be online. But for the other part of Japanese learners, using online dictionaries, even the free ones, is not a very good option.

The Lingoes dictionary solves this problem as it works by using offline resources to translate Japanese words and kanji.

Translation of words and kanji in clicks

The Lingoes Japanese Dictionary has a feature very similar to Rikaichan. When you click on the words in the Japanese text, it opens a popup with information from all installed dictionaries about the word that was clicked.

That way, you don't have to copy a kanji, exit the text you're reading, and paste it into the text translator, or Japanese dictionary, to see the translation. The translation can be performed without you having to leave the text you are reading.

free popup japanese dictionary

Huge number and variety of dictionaries

The big difference between Lingoes and other free Japanese dictionaries that use popup is the number of dictionaries we can use. Lingoes has word dictionaries, names, encyclopedias, sentence lists and romanized dictionaries. This is speaking only of the Japanese language, but when it comes to dictionaries for English, Spanish and other languages, the number of free dictionaries you can use is much greater.

History of search terms

Another thing I liked about Lingoes is the history of search terms. With this feature, it is possible to navigate between the words that we have already used in the Japanese dictionary. To do this, simply click on the upper arrows in the dictionary window.

Online translation by your favorite text translator

Another great advantage of Lingoes over its competitors is the translation of entire blocks of texts in Japanese or any other language.

In this case, just select the text and perform a translation. Then, Lingoes will provide the option of translating texts online. From there, just select your preferred text translator and perform the translation of the selected text.

The translation of text blocks is performed online only. Therefore, this is an advantage for those who have more time available on the internet.

free japanese dictionary with online translator

What are the disadvantages of the lingoes japanese dictionary

Just like any free Japanese dictionary, Lingoes also has its drawbacks. But these disadvantages do not affect its use much.

The main disadvantage of Lingoes is the lack of a Portuguese-Japanese and Japanese-Portuguese dictionary. This seems to be the downfall of practically every Japanese dictionary I find on the internet. They do not have free Japanese to Portuguese-Japanese dictionaries or vice versa.

However, as Lingoes displays translations from all dictionaries installed in the program, you can perform the Japanese->English->Portuguese translation or vice versa. For people who are not very used to the English language, this can be a disadvantage of Lingoes.


Despite its advantages and disadvantages, Lingoes remains a great tool for students who need a good free Japanese dictionary without having to be online all the time.

Visit the Lingoes website to learn more about the dictionary, how to install and download dictionary packs.

Click here to visit the Lingoes website.