How to install Windows IME on Windows 7

See a walkthrough of how to install Windows IME on Windows 7!

Windows IME, also known as windows japanese support, is a set of programs that allows you to write in japanese on your computer in several different ways, allowing you to write in japanese in any program installed on your computer that uses texts.

Its main use is the creation of texts, documents, handouts or even books in Japanese. Another interesting use is to be able to relate to Japanese friends writing directly in Japanese, without using romaji.

As many readers asked me about the existence of Japanese support and how to install the windows IME on windows 7, i decided to write this short tutorial to try to help.

As I don't have Windows 7 installed on my computer, I had to research the subject to write this tutorial.

Throughout the tutorial, I had to look up and use images I found on the internet. As it was difficult to find Windows 7 images in Portuguese, I had to use English images and translate the options, menus and buttons.

Therefore, I apologize if the translations do not match the Portuguese version of Windows 7. Anyway, I believe that the options in Portuguese are very close to the translations made in this article.

A very common resource for those who cannot install Windows IME on their PC is to install only the Japanese letters. With Japanese letters installed on your computer, you can read any Japanese text on web pages, documents and more. On the other hand, it is not possible to write only with Japanese letters, being necessary to use other programs such as Wakan it's the JWPC to write in Japanese on the PC.

Before installing Windows IME on Windows 7

I didn't find any mention of it, but you may need to have the Window 7 installation CD on hand to complete the Windows IME installation on your computer.

As in Windows XP and Vista, the Japanese support of windows is not installed by default, being necessary to install it.

How to install Windows IME on Windows 7

The first thing we need to do is open the Windows Control Panel. To do this, click on the start menu and then click on the Control Panel option.

How to Install Windows IME on Windows 7 (Control Panel)

in the window of the Control panel, click on option “Time, language and region” (Clock, Language and Region).

Control Panel - Time and Region

Then click on the item “region and language” or “regional options” ( Region and Language ), click on the link “Change keyboard or methods and input” (Change kayboards or other input methods).

Change keyboard and language

By doing so, the window "Regional and language options” ( Region and Language ) will open. Then click on the “Keyboard and language” ( Keyboard and Languages ), and then the “change keyboard” (Change keyboards…). Then the window will open “Text services and input language” (Text services and input language).

Region and language

In the window "Text services and input languages” ( Text services and input languages ), click on the “General” ( General ) and then the “add…” (add…). That should open a new window called “Add input language” (Add input language).

Text services and input languages

Being in the window "Add input language” ( Add input language ), find the item “Japanese (Japan)” (Japanese (Japan) ) among the items on the left side of the window, click the “+” next to the item “Japanese (Japan)” (Japanese (Japan) ), click the “+” of the “Keyboard” ( keyboard ) and check the option “Microsoft IME“.

Add input language

Then exit by clicking all the “OK” from open windows.

It may be that Windows opens a window asking to be restarted. If this happens, restart the PC for the changes to take effect on the computer.

How to know if Windows IME is installed on Windows 7

To find out if the Windows IME is installed on your computer, just click on the language icon, which is located on the taskbar, next to the clock.

Language bar on the taskbar

Clicking on this icon will open a menu showing the languages installed on the computer. If Windows IME is installed, the option “JP Japanese (Japan)” ( JP Japanese (Japan) ) will be appearing among the installed language options.

Japanese language bar

ending certain myths

Some readers also sent me emails asking the following question: “If I install Windows IME on my computer, will it be all in Japanese?”. The answer is no.

The only way to change your Windows language is to purposely install a version of Windows on your computer.

The most that can happen when following this tutorial is to leave the computer's input (typing) method in Japanese by default.

To do this, you need to change the “default language” (Default Language) in the “Text services and input languages” (Text services and input language). Therefore, I recommend not changing this information.

Text services and input languages


With this tutorial, I hope to help spread the correct use of the Japanese language even more among students of Japanese who use the computer.

always look for read and write in real Japanese, avoiding as much as possible the use of romaji and its variations. OK?

To the next.